Homeopathic Treatment For Infertility in Females

Homeopathic Treatment For Infertility in Females

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Infertility in females has been giving sleepless nights to humanity at large. Naturally man devised many treatments to fight this disorder. In the conventional or allopathic treatment of female infertility the HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy) is the very first choice of treatment.

Homeopathy can be a befitting reply to the various hormonal disorders like PCOS, thyroid disorders, prolactin hormone abnormality and so on.


Various infections prevent conception. Miraculous homeopathy in contrast with allopathy:

The various infections like PID (pelvic inflammatory diseases, ovarian infections, tubal abscesses and so on) are major factors of infertility. Various antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines are given as they form the very backbone of the conventional or allopathic treatment but their side effects can never be ruled out. Abdominal discomfort, fatigue, loss of appetite, reduced immunity and what not visit the treated patients regularly and threaten them with horrible consequences. Such infections take to their heels in the presence of homeopathy.


To restore fertility many aspects of your menstrual cycle are taken into consideration and then the homeopathic treatment is shown the green signal. For example the length of your cycle is very important, the type of menstrual bleeding (bright red, clotted), the premenstrual discomforts like cravings, headaches, lower back pain, pelvic pain and so on are considered minutely.

A homeopathic doctor investigates the mental and emotional changes that women experience during the premenstrual period. This investigation helps a great deal to deal with hormonal fluctuations and imbalances.


Women trying to conceive often have clinical depression rates similar to women who suffer from heart diseases or cancer. Infertility leaves in its wake many profound psychological effects. In many cultures, infertility bears a social stigma and the life ahead can be difficult to deal from social standpoint. In closed social groups, a degree of rejection may cause considerable anxiety and disappointment. God and his creation Dr. Hahnemann should be profusely thanked that there is homeopathy which has shown the unfortunate women a silver lining in the dark and thick clouds of hopelessness, depression and boredom.

Research shows that there is a relation between HRT and cancer and several warnings have been issued by Government Health Departments across the globe. Homeopathy is a boon that places its umbrella like hands to keep the women safe from such dangerous side effects

Homeopathic Treatment For Infertility in Women

When medicines and a healthy diet, low in animal fat and high in fibre from legumes, fruits and vegetables, go cheek by jowl, restoration of fertility is guaranteed.

Homeopathic treatment or remedies act on the glands and naturally restore the normal functioning of the affected gland. Correction of hormonal imbalance stimulates the glands to secrete hormones as required for the normal functioning. Body’s own immune system gets stimulated by homeopathic medicines. This in return stimulates the various glands to work normally.

There lies a great difference between allopathic and homeopathic treatments. In allopathy hormones are given in the form of pills, injections but in homeopathy no such hormones are administered. Natural medicines work by stimulating the glands to produce the required amount of hormones. This way the problem is given a fatal kick once for all. The problem is addressed at the root and cured. Above all, the patients get assurance that they will not come in the clutches of any disorders or side effects, which can be problematic, in future.

Homeopathy’s claim that it offers effective treatment for female infertility is not ill-founded. This truth has been scientifically documented and research has solidified this claim. Homeopathic treatment does not shun allopathic treatment and they are not rivals in any way. Homeopathy is all safe and can be combined with the conventional/allopathic treatment if required.

Homeopathic medicines boost up the immune system of the body. They work as powerful anti-inflammatory medicines which go a long way in uprooting the infections.

Surgical conditions related to infertility and homeopathy are ‘a boon’ in such conditions:

In the conventional or allopathic treatment the way out for various conditions like fibroids, cysts, hyperprolactanemia, cushing’s syndrome and so on is surgery. Surgery can causes recurrences which are common even after surgery. Homeopathy is a boon and a sure short solution for the patients as these surgical conditions can be tackled with the magical doses of homeopathic medicines.

Each individual case is minutely studied and analysed to select the most effective medicine for a particular case. Time matters much.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART):

  • Artificial insemination
  • Frozen embryos
  • IVF
  • Donor insemination
  • Semen concentration methods
  • Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)
  • Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT)
  • Pronuclear stage transfer (PROST)
  • Tubal embryo stage transfer (TEST)
  • Micro injection fallopian transfer (MIF)
  • Donor egg IVF

All the above said techniques are out of the reach of a common man, as they are very expensive and even if opted for, may remain in doubt throughout his life. Homeopathy comes as a friendly way out as it is all cheaper and a safer alternative.

There are 110 homeopathic remedies which gives great results in infertility in females. However the correct choice and the resulting success depend on the experience, interest and right judgement on the part of the homeopath. He decides the treatment after thorough case taking of the patient. Homeopathic remedies are designer made unlike allopathic ones in which all patients are asked to face the surgeon’s knife and take the same drug, though their brand names may be different. 

A ghastly consequence of infertility is the differences that occur between the couple, with regard to the treatment approach involving a surgery.  Homeopathy brings about a meeting ground between the couple and counsels them on taking the right medical decisions.


Timely administration of homeopathic medicines helps avoid surgery and thereby prevents its complications.

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