Homoeopathy Remedies for Cough

Homoeopathy Remedy for Cough

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As we enter the winter season, contracting cough and cold are almost inevitable. There are different types of coughs that one may suffer from. However, excessive coughing may signify severe clinical condition like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, infection, emphysema and so on. While we cough to ward off any foreign particles, it often causes discomfort, disturbed sleep, sore throat, distress and irritation.

Types of cough:

Cough can be mild or severe and it is majorly categorized into two types: dry cough (no or less mucus secretion and irritating) and productive cough (it is accompanied by the secretion of mucus). The expelled mucus may be transparent, frothy, tacky or colored.

There are a variety of remedies in Homeopathy indicated to treat different types of coughs. In addition to the cough relieving ability, Homeopathy medicine is also reported to reduce complications and improve respiration. Some of the simple, safe and effective homeopathic remedies are enumerated below to help you manage your cough at home:

Choosing a right remedy:

Selection of right homeopathic remedy often involves analysis of characteristics of cough and identifying the probable cause. One can select any of the following remedies that matches your mucus characteristics or cough type and consume the recommended dosage. If no improvement is noted even after about 5 doses, switch to other matching remedy. However, one must seek expert advice in case of worsening symptoms

Homoeopathy Remedies for Cough

Black pepper: A spoonful of black pepper powder with honey, several times a day is recommended.  Black pepper is antimicrobial in nature and also has soothing properties. It works on the principle of “like treats like” as it may trigger coughing in healthy person and can relieve it as well.

Theobromin –Theobromin found in cocoa beans (it's also a content of chocolate, especially high in dark chocolate) has the ability to relieve cough. Desirable effects can be obtained by consuming adequate dose that is 50 to 100 mg/ day.

Aconite(Aconitenapellus)–This can be taken by those with dry cough, suffocation with consistent coughing, cough at night and obstructed breathing.

Antimoniumtartaricum – Indicated for those with thick choking coughs that it's making a breathing difficulty.

ArsenicumThis is helpful for those with productive cough with wheezing and frothy mucus and helps those having obstructed breathing due to consistent coughing and burning sensation.

Belladonna–May help those experiencing sudden onset of cough, especially during night. Belladonna may produce some undesirable effects like raising body temperature, swollen eyes, and inflammation of the membranes.

Bryonia (BryoniaAlba):For those with consistent cough causing chest pain and soreness.

Calcareacarbonica–For those suffering from cough induced by specific food or dust producing mixed symptoms of dry and productive cough (dry at night and mucus in the morning).

Drosera (sundews)- For people suffering from severe cough that often causes retching or sometimes vomiting as well.

Ferrumphosphoricum– Indicated in the treatment of cold and respiratory infections in early stages.

Ipecacuahna– It is indicated for rattling and suffocative cough.

Nux vomica– It is indicated to manage dry cough accompanied by irritation and pain in the chest.

Phosphorus–It is indicated in the management of dry violent cough that causes irritation in the throat, which is often triggered while talking, laughing, etc.

Pulsatillapratensis- It is indicated to manage on and off choking coughs that show mixed symptoms like dry cough at night and easily expellable mucus in the morning.

Sepia– For those who experience coughs producing dark yellow-greenish mucus, which is accompanied by retching and gagging.

Sulphur–It may help to overcome the symptoms of suffocative cough, burning sensations on the face and chest during coughing, burning feet, etc.

Some healthy tips:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Avoid sugar containing food
  • Take adequate rest
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Inhale steam and take warm showers (it will help to loosen and expel the mucus)
  • Do not smoke

Benefits of homeopathy medication:

  • Gentle and effective approach
  • Long lasting benefits
  • Safe without or least side effects
  • Enhances overall immunity
  • Can be administered in children, adults and old, irrespective of their gender.
  • Long term treatments do not cause addiction.

Note: Most of the above mentioned medicinal preparations are available in the market with its recommended dosage on the label. In case of any adverse effect, it is advised to consult the homoeopathy expert immediately. 

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.