A Fresh Lease of Life: CKD Success Story with Yoga Therapy

A Fresh Lease of Life: CKD Success Story with Yoga Therapy

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"A fresh lease of life - report by a patient who refused to go in for dialysis in spite of counseling and request by our medical director Dr. R Nagarathna and continues to improve remarkably"  - Sri Varsha Welankar, S-VYASA (

Pushed in a wheelchair out of the Bengaluru airport, panting and puffing after taking a few steps, unable to sleep without an elevated headrest that brought me almost to a sitting position, blood pressure running high and weighing 92.2 kgs with swelling all over the body; that's how I arrived at Arogyadhama for Yoga therapy on August 20, 2015. Earlier in that month, Dr R Nagarathna Didi, as we lovingly call her — had examined me at Ahalya Mandir during her visit to Nagpur and recommended the therapy session for my chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Upon reaching Arogyadhama, didi started personally monitoring me while Dr Kashinath and Dr Shivaji assisted her. I remember, on the first day, she had to call an ambulance to drop me to my cottage. I could not perform even the simplest of Yogic exercises. However, the recovery started as I began practicing Pranayama diligently, did diet correction and received medication there. On August 25, I was able to walk in the Arogyadhama campus with Vijayalaxmi, my sister's, help. And when I left on September 20, I could easily take the travel back home on my own without feeling fatigued after the journey.

Although there still is a long way to go, improvement in terms of various parameters has been encouraging. I have been meticulously following diet and Pranayama schedules given to me and have also started taking a walk.

Sleep Quality:

Earlier, I could not sleep for more than two to three hours at a stretch due to frequent urination. An uninterrupted sleep for seven to eight hours is a routine these days. That helps tremendously in maintaining freshness throughout the day.

Blood Pressure and Weight

My blood pressure would hover around 100/180 with medication. Today, it is 77/115 with medication. Weight has come down from 92.2 kgs to 76.7 kgs and swelling has completely disappeared.

Breathlessness and Fatigue

Breathlessness has vanished and feeling of fatigue is considerably reduced. I can now walk and do simple Yogic exercises. The greatest joy is being able to sit in Vajrasana, something I could not do for months, and staying in Sukhasanasans any trouble all through my Pranayama practice.

Creatinine / Haemoglobin / Potassium Levels

My creatinine level was 9.6 mg/dL, which has come down to 8.27mg/dL while haemoglobin has gone up to 10.3 gm/dL from 8.8 gm/dL. Potassium level that was 5.76 has reduced to 5.48. When there seemed hardly any ray of hope, Arogyadhama has given me a new lease of life. Of course, this is just the beginning. Fully aware of a long-drawn process ahead, I am confident of turning things around. It's going to take loads of patience and perseverance but I am determined to do it through Yoga therapy under Didi's guidance.


Reference: Yog Sudha (S-VYASA) Apr 2016 issue

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