PCOS with Dysmenorrhoea with Polyarthragia

PCOS with Dysmenorrhoea with Polyarthragia

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The following is a true success story of a lady who suffered from PCOS associated with dysmenorrhea and polyarthralgia and improved significantly post the Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT) at Aarogydhama ( a Holistic Therapy Home). Arogyadhama uses self healing special techniques based on research by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), a premier Yoga Research University, Bangalore.

Success Story 

Mrs Nandini was very excited and happy beyond measure. Reason? She was expecting after five years of marriage and it was the first time she had conceived. But just four weeks into pregnancy and her hopes of motherhood vanished when she had a miscarriage.

She had a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome since 1999 when she was just 15 years old. She had taken allopathic treatment then. Now, at age 27, she looked to homoeopathy. Her menstrual cycles were irregular and often delayed by 10 to 15 days. In addition she had low back ache and cervical region pain on and off. Keen on having a baby she went to Arogyadhama to improve her overall health.

The diagnosis was PCOS associated with dysmenorrhea and polyarthralgia which is nothing but joint pains, arthralgia of multiple joints, and pain in multiple joints. During her one week stay at Aarogyadhama, she underwent yoga practices based on Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) for her Gastro Intestinal Ailments and PCOS.

She was made to do laghu sankha prakshalana every alternate day. A 10-step surya namaskara was practiced by her along with other dynamic practices. The other asanas like butterfly exercise and baddhakonasana was advised to practice every 4 hours once. Nadishuddhi pranayama and cooling pranayama was focused on.

A sleep technique was advised to tackle her disturbed sleep. She was eager to conceive and had a history of miscarriage at 4 weeks along with her health issues was causing lot of anxiety on her. So she was counselled regarding promotion of positive health and was advised to follow the path of karma yoga.

She subsequently became more relaxed during her stay at Aarogyadhama. Her parameters before and after yoga are as follows:

                                                                                                    Vital Parameters







Pulse Rate(beats/min)



Weight (in kg)



Blood Pressure(mmof Hg) 9



Respiratory Rate (cycles/min)



Brahmari time (sec)



Symptom score



Symptoms on date of admission (DOA) and date of discharge (DOD)


                   1st week





Nausea stopped altogether

Distension of abdomen ↓ by 100%

Fatigue fully resolved


She reported she got her normal menses after 3 months after practicing Integrate Approach to Yoga Therapy.


Reference: Yog Sudha - SVYASA, Apr 2016

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