Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story with Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story with Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

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Ulcerative Colitis or inflammatory bowel disease of Mrs Surekha (name changed) was so severe that she had to be hospitalized. That was in January 2014 at age 48. She was then put on steroids for five months. This was followed by a second hospitalization in April. The doctors first did a colonoscopy (a diagnostic procedure to see the structure of colon or large intestine using a catheter with a camera attached in it) and then a sigmoidoscopy to see the structure of sigmoid colon which is a procedure used to see the sigmoid colon (part of large intestine in gastro intestinal tract) and rectum (end part of sigmoid colon).

Symptoms: She had internal hemorrhoids. She had pain in abdomen along with belching and flatulence. She went to the toilet about 16 times a day. She slept for about 3 to 4 hours and was in a state of fatigue and stress. Surekha went into depression.

Diagnosis: She was crying, having overcome by negative thinking. Sensitive by nature she worries a lot even over trivial matters. Medication arrested her bleeding, but she had frequent bowel movement. Two months later bleeding started again. She consulted several doctors and took many treatments over a year, but got no relief. Diagnosis was made as Ulcerative Colitis in sigmoid region and Irritable Bowel Disease Type - D (Diarrhoea Type).

Treatment: During her one week stay at Aarogydhama, she underwent yoga practices based on Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) for Gastro Intestinal Disorders.

She was made to do 10 step surya namaskaras, with no acute forward bending asanas. Laghusankhaprakshalanakriya(to get mastery over the anal splincter) and Viparitakaini with wall support with abdominal breathing of 5 rounds with “A” kara chanting of 5 rounds with ashwini mudra (the mudra was asked to hold for 10 seconds with an imagination of getting better was suggested) helped her to relieve from frequently and urgency to pass motions was taken care of. Sleep technique was practiced by her for getting sound sleep. In pranayama she was made to practice cooling pranayama, abdominal breathing and nadishodhana pranayama.

Advanced techniques like Pranicenergisation technique along with cyclic meditation proved her very beneficial in reducing her anxiety levels. A bland satvik diet was given to help reduce her gastric irritation. Her mental restlessness, anxiety and perfectionist attitude with hyper cleanliness behavior was elicited as the reason for her physical imbalances. Yogic counselling was given to reduce her ego clashes at home; karma yoga concept was explained to remove the anxiety in her. By the end of the first week, she was mentally relaxed and physically fit. The parameters are explained below says it all.

Parameters: During her stay of one week with us her pain in the abdomen reduced completely and the number of visits to toilet reduced dramatically.

Vital Parameters







Pulse Rate(beats/min)



Weight (in kg)



Blood Pressure(mmof Hg)



Respiratory Rate (cycles/min)



Brahmari time (sec)



Symptom score



Symptoms on date of admission (DOA) and date of discharge (DOD)


                   1st week





Pain in abdomen ceased completely Appetite became normal Fatigue resolved totally No of visits to toilet reduced by 80% Belching stopped totally Flatulence reduced 100% Sleep improved by 30%



Reference: Yog Sudha (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana- University) - Jan, 2016

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