Yoga for Back Pain - Success Story

Yoga for Back Pain - Success Story

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A true success story of back pain with Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy at Arogyadhama, S-VYASA University, Bangalore, written by Dr. Pooja More & Mr. Kishor

Satish Kumar (name changed) was an extraordinary participant / patient at our Arogyadhama, a persistent person, unwilling to give up, who stayed with us for 12 weeks and finally emerged victorious after battling his grim fight against severe health issues and a mind block, groping in a blind alley for a way out of his turmoil.

Satish Kumar had come to Arogyadhama with complaints of generalized body pain and intermittent pain in tail bone area of the back (coccyx area) since 3 years and had difficulty sitting on soft chair but could sit on hard base chair. He also complained of increased sense of generalized body ache and fatigability since 6 months associated with disturbed sleep due to pain. For the above complaint (pain in tail bone) he also underwent nerve block with local steroid in coccyx area in the past but the pain relief was for a short period of time later his symptoms relapsed. He was also anxious by nature, and of nervous temperament.

He had a history of fissure in anus for which he underwent Ayurvedic Kshara sutra treatment 3 years ago. He also underwent fibrous tissue removal in old fissure area involving internal sphincter of his anal canal one year ago. Due to which his holding capacity of bowels was disturbed and he was unable to hold back loose stools due to removal of internal sphincter. Bowel habits were 3 to 4 times a day.

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia along with coccydynia (Coccyx). During his 4-week stay at Arogyadhama he underwent Yoga Practices based on Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy, a well-researched yoga module prepared by us for Back-pain and neck-pain. He was also given Viparitakarini with Ashwini Mudra daily which helped him to build up the strength of his perineum muscles thus helping him to overcome his disturbed bowel habits. Along with this he was given treatments in Ayurveda and naturopathy.

There were counselling sessions to sublimate his emotions and stress levels. He was treated with biweekly cleansing procedures, called Yogic Kriyas, to cleanse his system completely. His schedule used to start at 5:30 am with pranayama and meditation and used to continue till 7:30 pm.

His daily schedule included special techniques designed for his ailment. The techniques included asanas, loosening exercises, relaxation techniques, pranayama, cyclic meditation, trataka, mind sound resonance technique (MSRT) and pranic  energization technic (PET). He was provided with sattvic diet which was easy to digest with lot of nutritional value. His parameters like blood pressure (BP), respiratory rate, pulse rate, etc. were monitored on a daily basis for improvements and are given in the below table.

Since he had many problems of different nature he was moved from Section E (which was for meant for back ache and spondylitis) to section D (for arthritis and joint pain) and then later to Section PPH (Promotion of Positive Health),  so that all his issues get answered and he get relieved off all his stress (Adhi) which we consider as a main reason for disease formation (Vyadhi).                                                            

  Vital Parameters as on date of arrival (DOA) and date of Discharge (DOD)




 Specific  Parameters



Pulse Rate(beats/min)



Bowel Movement



Blood Pressure (mm of Hg)



 Medication Score



Respiratory Cycles/min



 Symptom Score



Brahmari Time (Sec)



 Straight Leg  Raising (right)

 45/ 40


Weight in Kg






Symptoms as on Date of Admission (DOA) and Date of Discharge (DOD)


 1st week

 2nd week

 1st Month

 Low Back Pain

 Mild improvement

 Pain down by 50%

 Pain down by 100%


 Straight Leg raising better by  80%

 Improvement by 80%

 Improvement 100%

 Disturbed Sleep

 Sleep better by 20%

 No further improvement

 Improvement by 50%

 Bowel Habits

 A little better

 30% better

 Improvement by 80%


Reference: Yog Sudha, May 2016 (S-VYASA)


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