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Stomach sounds and bloating Digestive disorders 16-Jan-2014 16:29:49 1
cheese makes me throw up Digestive disorders 05-May-2014 01:05:04 1
Is it a stomach bug? Digestive disorders 08-May-2014 06:02:00 1
I have trouble gaining wheight, despite eating well and working out. why? Digestive disorders 08-May-2014 08:03:43 1
I'm 18 years old, female, and for years I've had slow bowel movements. I incorporate a good serving of fruits, vegetables and fibers- now taking a probiotic supplement, but nothing helps. I do cardio only once? Digestive disorders 02-Jun-2014 15:56:10 1
Burning sensation Digestive disorders 05-Jun-2014 13:14:08 1
ulcer Digestive disorders 13-Jun-2014 22:28:34 1
I have symptoms of jaundice,constipation,nausea,tiredness, sharp pain in stomach,what could be some possible causes Digestive disorders 17-Jun-2014 02:08:57 1
I have noticed like a white dry powder or fangus in old pee spots in bathroom and i have pain in my left bladder. What problem do i have? Digestive disorders 18-Jun-2014 20:37:33 1
my urine has been burning for 2 months. there's a reddish splotchy spot below my penis right were urine is released. what do I have Digestive disorders 24-Jun-2014 19:08:49 1
I've had digestive problems these past few weeks? Digestive disorders 28-Jun-2014 09:48:38 1
Irritable bowel disorder Digestive disorders 11-Jul-2014 22:17:19 2
abdominal pain Digestive disorders 27-Jul-2014 00:44:57 1
gastric problems Digestive disorders 18-Aug-2014 00:17:20 3
diarrhea, no warning, 3X month; mucous in stools; INS? Digestive disorders 30-Aug-2014 21:12:13 2
Cervical radiculopathy,DDD,nerve root ,sciatica And i have lupus and arthritis.just get off of 60mg a day of steroids for 2weeks now on 40mg still in pain why.. Digestive disorders 07-Sep-2014 20:20:16 2
I need help Digestive disorders 28-Sep-2014 16:41:08 2
Constipation and loose movements. Digestive disorders 03-Oct-2014 03:56:14 1
having worse issues with nausea and vomiting due to my gastroparesis. I have a peg placed but km nit tolerating the feedings. author I ask about tpn? Digestive disorders 23-Oct-2014 07:32:18 2
is it normal to have lots of gas after a laxative? Digestive disorders 25-Oct-2014 04:07:11 1
Abdominal pain, stomach cramps and diarrhea Digestive disorders 01-Nov-2014 02:01:32 1
hello sir i have diarrhea from last 4 days and still i have no effect ...i m taking medicine like norfloxacin ( norflox-tz )..what should i do ?? Digestive disorders 14-Dec-2014 21:51:54 1
i want to know about typhoid without fever . Digestive disorders 15-Dec-2014 14:55:28 1
for the past week I've been feeling bloated/fullness feeling after every meal. also, after every meal I've felt the need to burp and when I do a little vomit goes to my throat Digestive disorders 23-Dec-2014 17:40:25 1
I have on and off abdominal pain , bloating , lower left pain, loose stools. Digestive disorders 27-Dec-2014 07:39:40 2
Hello I been having on and off abdominal pain , i was assuming crohns disease , but I don't have continuous diarrhea and no bleeding so I am unsure Digestive disorders 28-Dec-2014 07:14:16 1
Please Advice. Digestive disorders 03-Jan-2015 01:21:18 1
I have gallstones can I eat anything as long as it's under 5grams of fat per meal? Digestive disorders 04-Jan-2015 13:05:17 1
how do I know when my body has digested?? Digestive disorders 05-Jan-2015 13:44:37 1
Hi , I been having stomach pain but maybe just once or twice a day and , I had diarrhea last week but not anymore. I do get nausea, and Idk if this is something serious it just to be left alone . Digestive disorders 08-Jan-2015 07:45:43 1
I get up in the morning and taste the food from the night before and my upper stomach is very sensitive to touch what can cause this? Digestive disorders 21-Jan-2015 20:16:19 1
I have chest pain and trouble swallowing food and I can't bend or sleep straight in bed and my chest hurts Digestive disorders 15-Feb-2015 22:59:23 1
Hi , I have been having dark stools , I am not sure what would be considered black , tarry ..is this something I should go to ER for ? Digestive disorders 18-Feb-2015 00:59:23 1
black stool ? Digestive disorders 11-Mar-2015 05:59:35 1
Indigestion and feeling of vomiting with food intake Digestive disorders 15-Mar-2015 14:12:34 1
Accidental Bowel Leakage Digestive disorders 15-Mar-2015 21:35:41 1
need answer Digestive disorders 24-Mar-2015 18:13:37 1
cloudy pee Digestive disorders 23-May-2015 12:29:10 2
Stomach Infection Digestive disorders 03-Jul-2015 22:22:44 1
stomach problems Digestive disorders 20-Jul-2015 19:05:52 1
digestive problems Digestive disorders 22-Jul-2015 23:19:29 1
why do I feel sick after eating Digestive disorders 23-Jul-2015 01:19:47 1
i have constipation for 4 days what should i do Digestive disorders 16-Aug-2015 00:48:19 1
gallbladder infection Digestive disorders 03-Nov-2015 06:40:05 1
I am 17 years old, male and I had a laboratory exa.. Digestive disorders 19-Nov-2015 06:55:45 2
constipation Digestive disorders 29-Nov-2015 23:27:12 1
I want to ask for a consultation to identify any .. Digestive disorders 13-Dec-2015 11:05:05 1
whenever I eat rice and sometimes other foods I ge.. Digestive disorders 06-Jan-2016 08:38:56 1
I am always hungry no matter how much food I eat. .. Digestive disorders 06-Jan-2016 08:42:08 1
I poop out blood that doesn't look normal and my s.. Digestive disorders 15-Jan-2016 14:39:01 none