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Cardiac Disorders

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    Do Acute Heart Attack Symptoms Differ in Women?

    Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of mortality among women worldwide. Every year, more women  die of cardiovascular disease, mostly from myocardial infarction (MI) than men. Medical studies...
    11/12/2013 by Dr.
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    Heart Checkup: Pre-empt Heart Disease

    With varied health check up packages floating in the market, it can be very challenging for a common man to make a smart choice of the right health check up at the appropriate time. While there are...
    31/10/2013 by Dr.
  • Hyperlipidemia

    I recently asked a patient of mine to get his blood cholesterol levels done. "Me" he said, "I am 42 years old and weigh just 60 kg. What could possibly go wrong with my blood cholesterol?" The...
    18/05/2013 by Dr.
  • Chest pain-causes

    Chest Pain

    Pain in the chest is a common symptom that generates significant anxiety. As chest pain can be caused by a wide variety of conditions ranging from less serious conditions such as Heart burn (gas) to...
    05/05/2013 by Dr.
  • Sphygmomanometer

    Blood Pressure - I

    Hypertension or high Blood Pressure (BP) is very common in Indian population. Studies have shown that 3-5 Indians out of 10 have high BP. As one gets older, 2 out of 3 Indians have high BP. It is a...
    23/03/2013 by Dr.
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    Blood Pressure (B.P)

    With poor exercise habits and an even worse diet prevalent today, it is no surprise that many persons develop high blood pressure and associated complications. It would seem that the availability of...
    21/03/2013 by Dr.
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    Warning Signs of Heart Attack

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in India accounting for 29 percent of all deaths in 2005 [1]. It is reported that Asian Indians have a 50 percent to 400 percent increased occurrence of...
    21/03/2013 by Dr.
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    Basics of Pacemaker

    Who needs a pacemaker? Patients who have a slow heart rate (after reversible causes have been excluded) and with symptoms such as fatigue, decrease in exercise capacity, or pass out. What is slow...
    21/03/2013 by Dr.
  • Pacemaker surgery - preparation

    Pacemaker Surgery - The Preparation

    Any surgery can be stressful and having a pacemaker put in your heart can be even more so. Here is an insight into the preparation for the procedure which should help you lower your anxiety levels....
    21/03/2013 by Dr.
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    Your Pacemaker - Cautions

    Once you have a pacemaker, here are a few precautions you should take.   Immediately after the surgery Watch your pacemaker site for infection – report any redness, swelling, green or yellow...
    21/03/2013 by Dr.