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Cancer of the Gall Bladder

Dr.Surya Rao Poodipeddi profile Authored by Dr.Surya Rao Poodipeddi on 26 Feb 2014 - 15:36.
Cancer of the gall bladder is rather uncommon and occurs, when cancer cells (malignant cells) are found in the gallbladder tissues. It is more common in women than in men. Cancer of the gallbladder is hard to find (diagnose) because the gallbladder is hidden behind other organs in the abdomen. It is sometimes found after the gallbladder is removed, for other reasons.
The symptoms of cancer of the gallbladder may be like other diseases of the gallbladder, such as gallstones or infection, and there may be no symptoms in the early stages. You should see your doctor if you have pain above the stomach, lose weight without trying to have a fever that won't go away, or your skin turns yellow (jaundice).
Chances of recovery from gallbladder cancer depend on the stage of the cancer. Once cancer of the gallbladder is confirmed it is essential to ascertain if it has spread to other places (metastasis). Surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the only available methods to treat this condition.
Prevention: It is better to avoid excess intake of fats particularly if there is evidence of cholecystitis or gallstones, or gallstones if removed through surgery. A thorough investigation should be done, if there is a slightest suspicion of cholecystitis, and should be followed by immediate remedial measures.
The gallbladder may be removed through cholecystectomy if there are recurrent attacks of cholecytitis. Early detection of cancer of gallbladder, followed by appropriate treatment can help in prevention and treatment of conditions affecting the gallbladder.
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