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Expert Speak : Taking Care of Your Eyes This Monsoon!

Dr.Nitesh Narayen profile Authored by Dr.Nitesh Narayen on 13 Aug 2014 - 14:55.


Good eye health is important to prevent common ailments like Conjunctivitis & Stye

Monsoon brings joy as you bid goodbye to the scorching summer heat and your sunglasses! However, the arrival of monsoon heralds the breeding season for crops and various organisms like bacteria and fungi. Viruses are also known to thrive in moisture and its spread increases exponentially during the monsoon.

Unfortunately, these organisms can cause severe ocular infections. Common eye problems we come across in monsoon are Conjunctivitis (commonly called Red Eye), Stye, and Corneal Ulcers, which can lead to blindness. Follow some quick precautions to be taken during monsoons to keep eye diseases at bay:

  • Avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands.
  • Avoid sharing your towel and similar personal items with others (infections mostly spread through hands, clothes and other commonly used items that come in contact).
  • If you or someone around you is suspected to have got or are getting conjunctivitis, wash your eyes gently and use a cold compress. However, make sure you see a doctor.
  • If your family member is down with conjunctivitis, make sure you wash your hands after administering drops.
  • In case of red eye, avoid over-the-counter eye drops as they may contain steroids that can be harmful, and seek expert advice. Also avoid using contact lens during this period.
  • Redness, irritation and itching are common monsoon related problems. However, after long reading hours, spending many hours at the computer or watching television continuously, the eyes may cause irritation, which are normally treated with lubricating eye drops at the clinic. In case you have such a problem avoid self-medicating yourself, instead reach out to a doctor.
  • Stye is another common eye infection that occurs during monsoons. It is caused due to bacteria and may present itself as a painful lump along the eyelid. It is generally treated with the help of a warm compress. However, seeing a doctor for this problem is highly recommended.

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe during monsoons in particular, and always.



*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.