Baggy Eyes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Treating Baggy Eyes

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Mild swelling or puffiness found under the eyes is called 'bags under eyes'. It is a common condition in aged people. This is caused due to the weakening of the tissues and muscles around the eyelids which are responsible for supporting the eyelids. This leads to the movement of the normal fat which supports the eyes to move into the lower eyelids causing them to appear puffy. Swelling can also be added up by the accumulation of fluid in the space below the eyes.

Bags under eyes are rarely a serious medical condition. It is usually a cosmetic concern and can be improved by cool compress or treated completely by some cosmetic treatments.

As one age, the muscles and tissues supporting the eyelids weaken and the skins starts sagging. This leads to the movement of the fat around the eye to the lower eyelids. The fluid also gets accumulated under the eyes. All these make the area under eye look swollen and puffy. Some factors which also lead to this condition are:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Fluid retention due to changes in weather, hormone levels and eating salty food
  • Dermatitis or allergies
  • Heredity 

Symptoms for bags under eyes include:

  • Mild swelling of lower eyelids
  • Loose or saggy skin
  • Dark circles

When to see a doctor?

Visit a doctor if the swelling:

  • Is persistent and severe
  • Is accompanied with redness, pain or itching

Bags under eyes are usually only a cosmetic concern and no specific treatment is required. Some lifestyle and home remedies can help reduce the puffy eyes.

Medical and surgical treatment options are also present to completely treat the puffy eyes, but these are only done when there is a cosmetic concern, and these treatments are not covered under medical insurance as they are done only to enhance the appearance.


Anti-allergic medications are prescribed if it is found that the puffiness is caused by an allergy.

Various therapies:

There are some wrinkle treatment therapies which can be used to treat the puffiness under the eyes. These include chemical peels, resurfacing and fillers, which help to improve the skin tone and tighten the skin under the eyes.

Eyelid surgery:

Eyelid surgery also called as blepheroplasty, is a surgical option for treating bags under eyes. In this surgical procedure removes the excess fat just under the eye lid just by making an incision below the eyelashes or inside the lower lid. Then the skin is rejoined using very small dissolvable stitches. This surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

Home Remedies:

The following tips can help to reduce the bags under eyes:

  • Use cool compresses ( use wet clean and cool cloth to gently press around the eye)
  • Get quality sleep at night for 7-8 hrs.
  • Sleep with the head slightly raised
  • Avoid allergens like hair dye, cosmetics or soaps that give you allergy
  • Splashing cold water on your face as you get up in the morning, preferably iced water is a remedy.
  • Keeping used soaked and refrigerated tea bags on closed eyelids for about 15 minutes helps.
  • Keeping cold cucumber slices on the closed eyelids for ten minutes removes puffiness and dark circles if any. 
  • Reducing salt intake helps, as salt retains water which at times causes puffiness of eyes.
  • Avoid drinking too much of alcohol.
  • Using cotton pads dipped in chilled milk on closed eyelids for 20 minutes helps when you spend long hours in front of the computer.
  • Grated potato when placed on closed eyelids for about 20 minutes tightens eye muscles and reduces bags under eyes.


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