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General Medicine

  • Prevent Heat Stroke in the Summer
    Heat strokes are common during summers with extreme temperatures, especially when exposed to the sun for long periods. Heat stroke is a condition which is caused due to overheating of the body,...
    20/05/2015 by Dr.
  • Beware of Food Poisoning
    Food poisoning or food-borne illness is caused by consuming the contaminated food which has infectious organisms like viruses, bacteria or other parasites in it. Food poisoning can also be caused by...
    16/05/2015 by Dr.
  • Cheilitis - Severe Chapped Lips
    Lips are one of the very delicate parts of our body and do not contain oil glands. An absence of oil glands may be linked to frequent drying of the lips, in dry winters and exposure to damaging...
    05/02/2015 by Dr.
  • Get Over with Your Migraine
    Migraine is an intense headache (especially involving half head / one part of the head) that may occur as often as several attacks a week to only once a few years. Headaches associated with migraine...
    31/12/2014 by Dr.
  • Alcoholism
    Alcoholism is a progressive and chronic disease of addiction to alcohol. It includes problems like being preoccupied with alcohol, problem in controlling drinking, consuming alcohol even if it is...
    26/12/2014 by Dr.
  • Bacterical Infections: Prevention and Treatment
    Bacteria are single celled living organisms seen in various forms, like balls, spirals and rods. They have a thin and rigid cell wall surrounding the fluid inside them. They multiply very rapidly. ...
    15/12/2014 by Dr.
  • Pain Management
    Effective Ways of Pain Management
    Pain at a particular site is a warning sign of an injury or damage to the specific area. Actually, pain is a sensory response of the nervous system to an injury. The right and appropriate way to...
    13/10/2014 by Dr.
  • Computer Assisted Medical Diagnosis
    "Medical information science is the science of using system-analytic tools . . . to develop procedures (algorithms) for management, process control, decision making and scientific analysis of medical...
    22/08/2014 by Dr.
  • Understanding Sepsis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
    Sepsis is a severe medical condition raised as a complication of an infection. It occurs due to an overwhelming response of the body's immune system against an infection which causes inflammation...
    04/08/2014 by Dr.
  • Lupus
    Understanding Lupus Erythematous
    The disease 'Lupus' refers to inflammation of various organs, including bone joints, kidney, skin, heart, lungs and brain; which is caused due to an attack of immune cells on one's own body cells (...
    23/05/2014 by Dr.