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Sweaty Feet: A Risk Factor for Athlete's Foot Disease

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 2 Jan 2016 - 16:22


Have your ever experienced extreme itching just after taking off your socks and shoes and wondered why it is so? Does it itch between toes? If so, it could be athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal infection.

If you have sweaty feet and are used to wearing tight fitting shoes, you could be at risk for Athlete’s foot. At times due to chronic dryness, it also causes scaly rash that can cause itching and burning sensation which is related to ring worm or jock itch. Sometimes this infection can also cause blisters or ulcers in your feet. Moccasin type athlete’s foot can cause extreme dryness causing cracks or peeling and itchy feet.

What causes Athlete’s foot?

  • Damp socks and shoes
  • Tight-fitting shoes
  • Sweaty feet and damp feet
  • Humid and warm conditions
  • Unhygienic feet

How can you prevent it from infecting you?

Because fungal infections are contagious:

  • Avoid sharing towels, mats
  • Avoid walking with bare foot in public places
  • Never share shoes with others
  • Wash your feet well between the toes and keep it always dry
  • Wear comfortable shoes and not tight fighting shoes.

How can it be treated?

It can be treated with over-the-counter medications like other fungal infections, but the possibility to recur is often there. Non-prescription medication also includes medication (topical) that are applied on the skin.

If these don’t work, then prescription medicines are used which can be both topical and in the form of oral pills. Oral medication is normally given by doctors in severe conditions and regularly monitored for dangerous side effects. It is advised that oral pills must not be discontinued before the course of medication is completed and must be strictly taken as advised by your physician.


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