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Health Tips

Tips to Get Away from Indoor Air Pollution

Scientific evidence shows that the air indoor is more heavy than outside, irrespective of the place you live in, be it suburbs, city or in the outskirts.

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Tackling Muscular Pains

Complains about body aches, especially the back, shoulders and legs are common. Across every age group, we find most of us vulnerable to such common aches and pains.

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Avoid Antibiotics without Prescription

Do not take antibiotics on your own if you have a health problem. Taking antibiotics is not the solution for all health problems, as they don’t work in viral infections such as cold, sore throat and viral flu.

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Natural Tips for Teeth Whitening

Who doesn't like to have a smile that shows sparkling white healthy teeth? It’s not so difficult to achieve this, with a few natural whitening tips here:

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Blood Pressure Diagnosis

Most often people who have had hypertension would not know they had it, unless it was accidently brought to notice.

Category: Circulatory System

Abhyanga - Massage and Health Benefits

Abhyanga or self-massage is the way to health and well-being. It helps improve immunity, balance the endocrine system, enhances the functioning of nervous system, and leads to a youthful skin.

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The Miracle Oil for Weight Loss !

Coconut oils are essentially made up of Lauric acid, which is a good saturated fat. The Lauric acid in coconut oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is known to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) improve the ratio of HDL vs LDL.

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Tips to Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy

Do you know that Diabetes could put you at risk for eye diseases? As a diabetic, if your high blood sugar levels are not controlled for a long period of time, it leads to several metabolic disorders and complications to various organs in the body,

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Healthy Breakfast Tips

Simple breakfast tips to keep you going for the day are:

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Get Fighting Fit this Winter

Does winter remind you of dry skin, chapped lips, cold, coughs and flu? Not necessary, winter has a brighter side too, to help us overcome the ill side of it.

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