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Health Tips

Festive Diet and Fitness Tips

Without sacrificing the fun and joy of the festive season, you can eat smart and keep a watch on the foods you choose to eat with respect to weight gain.

Category: General Medicine

Lemon and Honey : The Magic Potion

A blend of lemon, honey and warm water, works like magic on your health, in various ways.

Category: Digestive System

Home Remedies for Aching Muscles

For aching muscles:

Category: General Medicine

Home Remedies for Arthritis

Painfulness and swelling of joints are the common symptoms of arthritis. Some home remedies help relieve joint pain:

Category: Orthopedics

Enjoy the Tangy Benefits of Oranges

Every seasonal fruit has great health benefits. Oranges are one among them. They are flavourful, refreshing and bring with it many health benefits like:

Category: General Medicine

Onions Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Onions not only have culinary benefits but also have health benefits. They have a therapeutic effect on the body. Though strong in flavor, they have high levels of polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids which help improve Cholesterol levels.

Category: General Medicine

Home Remedy for Gas

A powdered mixture of black pepper, ginger powder, coriander seeds and dried mint leaves, taken one teaspoon, twice a day eases stomach ache due to gas and helps in digestion.

Category: General Medicine

Smell Lavender to Sleep

Study says, the smell of lavender relaxes your mind and releives you from stress and induces sleep better. You can use lavender oil on a cotton swab and gently inhale at bedtime, if you have trouble sleeping.

Category: Endocrine System

Top Fitness Habits During Office Hours

Avoid stiffness from hours of sitting - get stretching

Those who spend many hours at the desk, must particularly follow some good habits to stay fit , such as:

Category: General Medicine

Natural Remedies for Headache

For instant relief from the common headache, find two remedies below:

Category: Nervous System