10 SMART Health Goals For A Healthy Life!

10 SMART Health Goals For A Healthy Life!

Tip of the Day: 

The one goal that helps you achieve every other goal is the HEALTH Goal! Being well and feeling well is an integral part of life. If you don’t feel well physically or mentally, there’s hardly anything you can achieve. So working on them should be your top priority.

Soon we have to bid good bye to 2015 and get ready to turn the new page. It’s time to reflect on the year gone by, your accomplishments and failures. The key to achieving anything, is setting goals; not simply goals but SMART Goals, be it professional or personal.

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) goals help you be focused and realistic in setting your goals. It is important to carefully think through, on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve them. If goal setting is one part of it, what goals to set, is another question you must ask yourself.  

Well, the ONE goal that helps you achieve every other goal and that applies to everyone, young or old, man or woman is HEALTH Goals.

Here are top 10 goals to help you live healthy, so that you are fit enough to attain your other goals:

1. Physical activity keeps you fit and active

  • Any form of physical activity, be it walking, jogging, cycling, yoga etc. must be done for atleast an hour, five or six days a week.
  • Doing strengthening exercises at least two or more times a week, strengthens bones and muscles and helps maintain lean body weight.

2. Ensure you rest well

  • A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily is important for your organs to perform at its optimum.
  • Taking time to relax in the form of meditation and recreation helps the mind to rejuvenate and stay alert and sharp.

3. Eat plant-based food is healthy

  • At least 3-4 servings of vegetables and fruits every day is recommended
  • Cut down red meat, high cholesterol and fatty foods.
  • Proteins are the building blocks of the body.  Soy, peas, nuts and beans contain high amounts of plant protein.

4. Include diet containing good sources of fiber

  • Whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal are good sources of fiber
  • Cut down refined cereals such as white rice, white breadfoods made from refined flour (maida), cakes and pastries or sugary cereals.

5. Choose healthy oils and fats

  • Unhydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fat free foods. Avoid eating solid fats such as butter, dalda. Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, mono-unsaturated fats (olive oil, canola oil, peanuts, cashews) and poly-unsaturated fats (corn oil, safflower oil, salmon fish, flax oil, sesame seeds,  walnuts and soy oil).
  • Snack on nuts instead of fried and fatty cakes and pastries. Eat atleast 2 tablespoons of peanuts, almonds, walnuts.

6.  Maintain healthy BMI and waist girth

  • A BMI less than 25 is ideal. A BMI of 30 or above indicates obesity and high risk.
  • A waist girth less than 37 inches for men and less than 32 inches for women is ideal.
  • A waist girth of 40+ inches indicates high risk for men and 35+ inches is high risk for women.

7. Avoid tobacco, illicit drugs, or alcohol. Get rid of dependencies on them.

  • Thousands die early death due to alcoholism
  • Smoking kills. Millions die untimely death every year due to smoking
  • Drug abuse is destructive to physical and mental health

8.  Keep a positive, cheerful, outlook towards life. It adds years to your lifespan.

  • Stay hopeful and see the positive side of life. Try to be happy, and spread cheer and hope to those around you.
  • Don’t let stress overtake you. If you feel depressed for a long period of time, seek help.
  • Work on building relationships that stand by you in difficult times. Camaraderie and friendship fills your heart with love and acceptance.

9.  Get a health checkup done

Everybody above 30 years needs a health checkup. Though it seems you are healthy and fit, family history of ailments (like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension) coupled with irregular lifestyle can silently take a toll on you, over time.  A health checkup helps early detection of the onset of diseases and helps you take prevent  them.

10. Work on your spiritual health

  • Find a quiet uninterrupted time every day to pray, meditate, read and seek spiritual renewal. Fill your heart with gratitude, let go of painful thoughts and practice forgiveness.  Help those in need, service to the deprived helps get over challenges and difficulties of life.

Make a pledge: My health is my top most priority. I will not let anything come in the way of taking care of my health.