South Beach Diet for Weight Loss

South Beach Diet for Weight Loss

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South Beach Diet is the title of a popular dieting book, written by Dr. Arthur Agatston, Cardiologist, director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Agatston, presents in this book his diet formulae and diet plan for a healthy heart. The book has sold millions of copies world over.

What is South Beach Diet?

This is a clinically proven diet, innovated by a cardiologist, helps you learn to eliminate cravings, reprograms your body and enables you to achieve incredible results. It provides a dozen interactive tools to track your weight loss, when you sign up for the south beach diet. It provides, meal plan, mobile app, weight tracker, nutrition counselling and more.

Bad Carb and Good Carb

South Beach Diet attempts to teach people a healthy way of life where the diet primarily comprises of right carbohydrates and fats. This new concept of diet eliminates bad carbohydrates and fats from food.

When food with bad carbs and fats are consumed, the person feels hungry frequently, causing them to eat more and thus gain weight.  Contrarily the good carbs give you a satiated feeling and keeps you energetic throughout day, therefore helping you eat the correct diet without any side effects.

The South Beach Diet is made of complex carbohydrates like whole grain bread, cereals and fruits and cannot be compared to a simple low fat diet. Basically South Beach Diet focuses on how foods affect the blood sugar and reprogram your body, rather than just selecting few low carbohydrate foods for weight loss.

South Beach Diet-Steps

This diet is followed in three phases:

Phase 1 - Eliminate cravings; Rapid weight loss in 14 days

Duration: 2 weeks

Dietary Recommendation: Complete ban on baked foods, rice, potatoes, vegetables with high sugar content, fruits, wine and beer. However, it does not imply that one should go hungry either. It includes several nutrient dense foods to satisfy your appetite.

This is the strictest phase of the Diet Plan. It recommends small meals that are just enough to satisfy hunger and provide adequate energy for body to work. Chicken, fish, and yogurt are some food items that are given in this phase to dieters. And the good thing is that one can add almost all the banned items back to menu after 2 weeks period. Alcohol is the only exception which stays out.

Result:  Rapid loss in weight from 8 to 13 pounds over two weeks.

Phase: 2 – Includes variety of delicious foods (grains, vegetables and fruits) and without any definite time to reach your weight goal.

Duration: Depends on the individual’s body type and need.

This phase sees introduction of healthy carbohydrates in the diet, along with some of the banned items from the first two weeks. The effect of the food items introduced into the diet plan is carefully monitored for its effect on the blood sugar levels. The duration of phase 2 depends upon a person's ability to monitor his/her weight and response to good carbohydrate foods.

Result: The rapid loss of weight slows down and becomes more gradual.

Phase 3 – Helps you maintain weight loss for life.

Duration: Lifetime

This is the final phase of South Beach Diet which lasts for the remainder of life time. By this time it is assumed that people's tendency to fall on bad carbohydrates and fats is contained and benefits of good carbohydrates and fats are so well exemplified that it would encourage them to continue on the same diet. Whenever you see yourself gaining weight, you can revert to phase 1 for a short duration to reduce it.