Amazing Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin

Amazing Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin

Dr.Seema Alavi profile Authored by Dr.Seema Alavi on 20 Jul 2013 - 15:26.

Want to have a beautiful radiant skin? Well here are some simple ways to make your skin impeccable and glowing!

Skin comprises of epidermis and dermis. Epidermis is the external covering and protects the underlying structures. Dermis supports the blood vessels and nerves. The skin should be protected against common problems like zits and pimples, scars, blemishes sunburn, premature aging, etc. 

The natural less expensive ways are easily available, genuine in composition and do not lead to serious harmful effects. We suggest you some simple yet effective tips that can make your skin flawless without levying heavy load on your pocket.  The cosmetics available in the market provide temporary benefits but the home remedies listed below will help you get a glowing complexion for long.

  1. Sugar
    • Sugar is a good natural exfoliating agent. Mix water to half a cup of white and brown sugar and use it as a scrub to get rid of dead lusterless cells from your skin. Gently rub for 2-3 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. 
  2. Potato
    • Well potato is another amazing easily available ingredient that can make your skin fair and glowing. Mash some raw potatoes and squeeze them to get potato juice. Apply it with cotton on your face, hand and neck. Potatoes have natural bleaching qualities and are effective in removing spots, blemishes, suntan, sunburn, etc. Rub a slice of potato daily to get a fair and glowing skin naturally. 


  3. Adequate Sleep
    • Plenty of sleep is essential for a healthy skin. Proper sleeping habits are vital for keeping skin healthy and beautiful. Improper or deranged circadian cycle of sleep and wakefulness directly affects your skin health and makes it dull and lusterless.  Inadequate sleep is also responsible for premature aging and wrinkle formation.
    • Cultivate a proper sleep schedule and sleep properly. Make sure you tie your hair while sleeping because skin pores can get clogged by hair oils. This can cause blackheads and can even make your skin dull.


  4. Honey
    • Since ages honey is known to benefit skin in multiple ways. Make a fine paste of cinnamon powder and honey; apply it on your face over nightly. Wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. Your skin will become soft, supple and fair.


  5. Tomato Paste
    • Tomatoes are beneficial in treating acne and pimples. Apply a fine paste of tomatoes and leave it for half an hour. Subsequently wash off with clean water.


  6. Lemon Juice
    • Lemon juice is very effective in imparting a clean and clear complexion to your skin. Rub a lemon peel on your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with clean water and have a glowing face.


  7. Raw Milk
    • Raw milk is useful in making your skin amazingly soft and fair. Apply raw milk with the help of a cotton ball on you


These simple tips are time proven and devoid of any side effects. Choose any of them according to your feasibility and make your skin glowing and beautiful.

You are special, so take care of your skin!