Does Aging Bother You? Find Solutions To Address It

Does Aging Bother You? Find Solutions To Address It

Dr.Anuradha Chepyala profile Authored by Dr.Anuradha Chepyala on 25 Feb 2014 - 11:45.

Though aging is a common phenomenon with every single one of us, many find it hard to accept it. Although it's human instinct to want to look younger always, aging cannot be denied. Yet, there is no need to feel anxious, when you know how to deal with it. Anxiety and worry actually make you age faster. On the contrary it's a beautiful process when you how to manage it. Aging gracefully is in our own hands.

A little care in terms of eating right (healthy, nutritious food), keeping yourself mentally and physically active (yoga and meditation), leading a stress-free life (by maintaining work-life balance), paying attention to our bodies and skin,  and a positive frame of mind can actually go a long way in keeping yourself looking much younger than your age.

The first visible sign of aging is the skin. Hence, skin care is very essential. Let’s see how skin plays a role in aging:

Types of aging:

There are two major types of aging: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic aging: The natural aging process is called as intrinsic aging process. This involves the genes and the normal physiology of the body. This process begins when a person is in mid-20’s.

Extrinsic aging: This involves exposure to external factors and accounts for 90% of the visible signs of aging. Extrinsic aging results when exposure to external factors prematurely ages our skin. They are:

  • Exposure to sun (photo aging) and dust pollutio
  • Poor diet
  • Cigarette smoking, stress and alcoholis
  • Sleeping positions
  • Behavioral facts and hormonal imbalance 
  • Poor skin care

Let’s get deeper to understand the skin structure and what affects the skin. The skin has three layers:

1. Epidermis (outermost layer)

2. Dermis (middle layer)

3. Subcutaneous layer, below the dermis.

Epidermal changes with advancing age:

  • Epidermal cell renewal and regeneration decreases accumulation of dead cells.
  • Intercellular lipid matrix damage the moisture  loss leading to dehydration
  • Sun damage causes pigmented lesions.

Dermal changes with age:

  • Thinning of the epidermis.
  • Dry and flakey skin.
  • Skin becomes more transparent and fragile.
  • Liver spots or lentigo appear on the skin.
  • With age skin becomes rougher and hangs loosely.
  • The blood vessels in the dermis begin to lose strength, this  increases bruising and bleeding under the skin.;
  • Collagen production decreases by 1% every year, between 20- 80 years of age, our collagen production declines by 65 percent.
  • Dermal ground substance reduces, resulting in moisture loss.

Treatment is given at three levels: epidermal, dermal and at the muscular level.
The aim of the treatment is to reduce the effects of aging through:

  • Factors that can help protection from the sun.
  • Induction of collagen and tightening of the skin.
  • Improving the muscle and skin tone and address hydration problems.

A holistic approach to aging gracefully includes:

  • Regular physical workouts, walking, and stretching helps the body to stay supple and also eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Good sleep and rest actually rejuvenates the skin.
  • ​Practicing stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation that can calm your body and mind.
  • ​Protecting your skin with moisturizing and sunscreen lotions.
  • Maintaining over-all wellbeing of body, mind and spirit, can boost the health immensely making one look much younger than their actual age.

A few recommendations from Anoos Beauty Salon on anti-aging:

Home care:

  • Using day protection, moisturizers and hydrators with UV protection helps to ward off the harmful effects of the direct sun on the skin.
  • Using night creams which are antioxidant enriched.

Anti-aging diet:

  • Drinking good amount of water can keep the skin hydrated and moist.
  • Eating well-balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Including antioxidant rich foods like citrus fruits, greens, broccoli, dark colored fruits and vegetables can help.

Other facts include:

  • Regular physical workouts, walking, and stretching helps the body to stay supple and also eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Good sleep and rest actually rejuvenates the skin.
  • Stress free life can calm your body and mind.
  • Protecting your skin with moisturizing lotions and sunscreen lotions can help skin healthy.
  • Maintaining an over-all wellbeing of body, spirit and mind can boost your health immensely.