Top 5 Health Benefits of Multani Mitti

Top 5 Health Benefits of Multani Mitti

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 17 Feb 2016 - 09:51


Fuller's earth or Multani Mitti is fine-grained, earthy substance that has unique adsorptive capacity. Since it was found to absorb contaminants and impurities from the fibres, its name was derived from the textile industry, as fullers earth was used to clean raw wool. This clay-like mineral is also called as ground green clay which detoxifies and cleanses the body naturally. Multani Mitti is most commonly used as a toner and cleanser for routine facial care.

Multani Mitti - Health benefits include:

1.   Enhances Facial Complexion

Also referred to as “bleaching clay”, Multani mitti improves skin complexion as it removes tan, evens skin tone and vanishes dark spots, resulting in flawless glowing skin. Its natural cleansing properties work wonders in treating acne scars and other skin irritations. 
*Quick Tips for Instant Skin Glow:

Prepare a multani mitti face pack by mixing it with coconut milk cream, multani mitti and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and apply evenly on face. Leave for 20 minutes, wash and pat skin dry. The skin whitening nutrients in coconut cream instantly enhance dull looking skin, making it look radiant.

2.   Improves Skin Texture

Face masks made from Multani mitti and other natural products work miracles, in short, a perfect alternative to expensive beauty treatments. When applied directly, it reduces inflammation, redness and swelling caused by pimples. Fuller’s earth face pack nourishes skin cells and heals dry skin.

3.      Heals Wounds and Scars

Fuller's earth does not have specific shelf life and it is therefore one of nature's best antiseptic remedies for healing wounds. This versatile substance enhances blood circulation, resulting in a skin that is free from wrinkles and ageing. National Institute of Health in one of its research articles confirms the usage of multani mitti as “wound decontaminant”.

4.      Helps Relieve Body Heat

Multani mitti is one of the common remedies to treat prickly heat. It contains certain medicinal properties that lessen itching and irritation. A paste of fuller’s earth and water may be applied all over the body to help soothe sunburns and hot body temperature. Owing to its high cooling properties, fuller’s earth should not be applied on the chest area in order to avoid respiratory problems.

5.      Treats Dry & Sagging Skin

Fuller’s earth is one of the ancient ingredients that are used in preparing concoctions for treating dry skin. Its multiple absorbent qualities make it an excellent cleansing agent that exfoliates skin to eliminate dry flakes completely. It also treats sagging skin by tightening the skin and opening pores that cause skin drying. It helps regenerate new skin by increasing blood circulation and toning up skin tissues.

6.      Improves Digestion

Applying fuller’s earth on the lower abdomen improves the process of digestion greatly. It stimulates the peristaltic movement of intestines and helps get rid of stomach aches or gas. Mud packs are usually applied on the abdomen for effective relief from stomach ache or gas. It works as a natural stimulant to relieve constipation.

7.     Promotes Hair Growth

Fuller’s earth is one the most inexpensive method of managing dull, damaged hair. The high concentration of earth minerals in multani mitti replenishes and encourages natural hair growth. It greatly enhances hair health by removing impurities, while maintaining optimum levels of natural moisturisers. Also, it facilitates blood circulation and frees the scalp from toxins, thanks to its cleansing properties. It effectively treats scalp problems such as dandruff, scalp acne, etc.

Did-you-know fact: Multani mitti can be used as a shampoo as it is a mild cleansing that removes excess oil from the scalp, while deeply conditioning it. This works like magic if you have damaged hair.

Some Interesting Facts about Fuller’s Earth

  • Baked form of fuller’s earth is used as an ancient remedy to kill intestinal bacteria
  • It is an effective remedy for dealing with muscle pain, menstrual cramps and burns
  • To make sure you’re not allergic to it, prior to applying multani mitti, do a skin patch test
  • Wine stains or oil spill stains can be fixed effectively with multani mitti, by leaving it on the stain for couple of hours
  • Acts as natural deodorizer for carpets, upholstery, etc.
  • Fuller’s earth and orange peel powder are effective for natural dandruff treatment.




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