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  • Iodine Deficiency

    Iodine Deficiency and its Impact on Pregnancy and Women

    Iodine is an essential micronutrient required in very minute quantities for normal human growth and intellectual development. It is also necessary for overall optimal health and proper functioning...
    05/02/2015 by Dr.
  • Grab the Goodness of Sesame Seeds This Season

    Ever wondered what could be the nutritive value of these tiny sesame (til) seeds? Sesame seeds are known to add heat to the body (hence used in winters), besides adding nutritive value to the food....
    20/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Go Nuts Over Peanuts

    Peanut butter is a child's favorite bread spread for breakfasts. As we age, the same peanuts are looked upon as something to be avoided akin to farsans, confectioneries, jams and cakes. Before you...
    17/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Whole Grains

    More Whole Grains Linked with Lower Mortality!

    What if you could eat your way to a longer life? Sounds unreal? You can achieve a longer life, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and also contribute to body weight...
    12/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Nature's Wonder: Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Honey!

    Honey, the magic potion you can't miss it in your life! You add it to your green tea, to your toast, to lemon water, but what does honey really mean to health? Called "the nectar of the Gods" by...
    10/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Cucumbers: The Health Food You Can't Miss

    The popular phrase "(as) cool as a cucumber" instantly reminds you of its cooling effect, though it's more than just a cooling summer food. These fresh, green cucumbers are loaded with health...
    10/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Health Goals for a Healthier You

    Health goals are one of the New Year resolutions many of us make on the paper, but not really applied on the body. This is one resolution, though meant to make it work, fizzles out sooner than later...
    06/01/2015 by Dr.
  • To Sleep Tight, Eat Right!

    Tired of staring at the ceiling and counting sheep? Sleep deficiency is one of the most common problems faced by people of all ages these days. Not many people are lucky enough to fall off to sleep ...
    06/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Sweet Tooth Can Bite You!

    Sweets, as we know, are loaded with calories without any nutritive value. Excessive consumption of sweets conveniently adds kilos to your body weight throwing you out of a healthy weight limit. They...
    06/01/2015 by Dr.
  • 100 Steps Post Dinner has Five Astounding Benefits for your Body

    In the words of the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, "walking is a man's best medicine". This was centuries ago, however a study by scientists from the University College London lately proved...
    02/01/2015 by Dr.