Oregano Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

Oregano Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

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Oregano is a wonderfully aromatic herb that has not only been widely used as a spice in cooking but also as a traditional medication since time unknown. Oregano’s oil has rich health benefits such as digestion, improved cardiovascular health, detoxification, and diabetes management.

Oregano Nutritional Facts

This herb has a really adorable nutritional profile. About 100 grams of the herb provides 107% of the recommended daily dietary fiber and 69% folate. You hardly need 50 grams of oregano to satiate your daily requirement of vitamin A. The same amount of oregano (100 gms) yields 18.86 mg vitamin E, 518% vitamin K, 105% copper, 550% iron, 203% manganese, and 158% calcium. It also gives your body about 4112 µg Carotene B.

Health Benefits of Oregano

1. Boosts immunity power

Thymol and rosmarinic acid, two powerful antioxidants present in oregano, lowers the oxidative stress, thereby boosting immunity. Add a sprinkle of this herb atop your favorite salad to enrich your taste buds and immune system.

2. Good for digestive system

It provides 107% of recommended daily allowance of fiber through 100gms of the herb. Fiber is very essential to ensure proper digestion, stimulate peristalsis, and enhance smooth elimination and excretion of wastes from the body. Fiber also ensures that your gut is in its natural state of well-being and promotes proper nutrient absorption.

3. Rich source of vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential to ensure bone and joint strength as well as to preserve and enhance bone mineral density. This vitamin is also essential to prevent excessive bleeding. This herb turns out to be effective for women in preventing osteoporosis and during mensuration.

4. Helps to ease and prevent inflammations

According to a study conducted by the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Bonn University, Germany, beta-caryophyllin present in oregano could help in easing and preventing inflammation. This, in turn, could be beneficial in lowering the risk of conditions like gout and arthritis.

5. Innate anti-cancerous properties

oregano-oilAccording to a study that appeared in the PLOS ONE journal, oregano contains certain compounds that encourage this spice to inhibit the cell cycle and induce the death of cancerous cells. The study was conducted by a group of Biologists at the United Arab Emirates University with respect to breast cancer.

6. Promotes detoxification of liver

This rich presence of a wide array of minerals such as manganese, vitamin K, and fiber along with copper and iron promotes detoxification of liver. It is also known to improve liver health and slow down damages to the liver.

7. Shields you from bacterial attacks

Carvacrol and thymol, two powerful antioxidant compounds in oregano, are rich with antibacterial properties. Therefore, regular intake of this herb could keep your digestive system, body, and skin safe from bacterial infections. It also helps in combating the infections, promoting faster recuperation when ill. It is also the perfect antidote for recurring urinary tract infections.

8. Aids in weight loss

The rich presence of fiber and lack of cholesterol makes this spice weight-loss friendly. Plus, it has the ability to dissolve fat and promote metabolism. Oregano is also well appreciated for its detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties, thus improving weight loss results.

9. Natural antidote for fungal infections

Topical application of oregano oil could help in easing fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Just add a few drops of this essential oil to a tub of warm water and soak your foot. Alternatively, dilute the oil with a carrier oil and rub on the affected area.

10. Helps in managing colds, flu, and sinuses

Add the herb as such to your soup to eliminate cold. You can also add crushed spice to a pot of steaming water and inhale the fumes to open up the clogged nasal air passages and sinuses. You can also drink one or two cups of oregano tea to ease fever, cold, and flu and manage migraine and sinusitis.

11. Helps in managing menstrual cramps

A natural antispasmodic and analgesic agent, oregano could help in easing cramps and pain experienced during menstruation. Just chew the fresh leaves or drink three to four cups of this tea for pain-free periods. Oregano is also known to help in regulating menstrual cycle and lowering the risk of premature menopause.

12. Beneficial for managing asthma

The terpenes, flavonoids, and carvacrol helps in eliminating phlegm from the bronchial tubes and airways, thus offering relief from asthma and bronchitis. Just drink 4 to 5 cups of oregano tea flavored with honey to prevent the recurrence of asthmatic attack.

13. Cure for calluses

Add a few drops of oregano essential oil to coconut oil and massage the affected area to heal calluses.

14. Natural remedy for bites and rashes

Crush a handful of cleaned oregano leaves and mix it with olive oil before applying the juice on the affected area of bites or rashes to heal them.

15. Eliminates dandruff

You can add oregano oil to your shampoo and apply it on your hair and scalp to ward off dandruff. Alternatively, add a few drops of oregano oil to olive oil or coconut oil and use to massage your scalp to get rid of dandruff.

16. Gifts you long and strong hair

Mix a few drops of oregano oil with coconut oil, sesame seed oil, or olive oil and use it to massage your scalp to promote hair growth. It also prevents thinning of hair and hair loss.

17. Beneficial for your skin

The antibacterial properties of oregano make it an effective antidote for skin outbreaks. It also has antioxidants that help in eliminating free radical damage and prevent premature aging of skin.

18. Helps in managing cholesterol levels

Clinical studies suggest that consuming oregano after meals, for 3 months regularly could help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels and improve good cholesterol levels.

19. Helps in eliminating intestinal parasites

Oregano could be used effectively to eliminate worms such as Endolimax nana, Blastocystis hominis, and Entamoeba hartmanni from your intestines. Consume the oil extracted from the herb, for about 6 weeks to see the difference.  

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