5 Top Exercises to Tighten the Core

5 Top Exercises to Tighten the Core

Dr.Neeraj Mehta profile Authored by Dr.Neeraj Mehta on 12 Jun 2015 - 11:50.

Every gym goer breaks sweat in the gym to get fab abs. Losing stubborn belly fat can be little tough but not impossible. While doing abdominal workout your breathing pattern plays a major role. For example while doing crunches you should exhale and then do the crunch movement. The reason is that you are able to hit the abdominal muscles with intensity when there is no air inside them.

Fitness therapist and a pioneer of BMXStrength, Dr. Neeraj Mehta shares top five exercises to get fabulous abs:

1.  Basic Crunches: Crunches can give you really effective results if done with correct technique. While doing crunches ensure that your back gets arched with a ‘C’ curve. Never squeeze your neck while coming up.

2. Twisting Crunches: This movement hits your oblique muscles. Twisting crunches will help you in gaining a leaner, more muscular mid-section. 

3. Plank:  This exercise is very helpful in strengthening your core. It gives isometric contraction to your core muscles and also boosts stamina. One key point when doing plank is that you should never hold your breath and always use your core muscles instead of your lower back. Strain on your lower back is an indication that you are not doing it right.

4. V sit ups:  Another power movement to build core strength is V sit-ups. This movement gives proper crunch to your abdominal muscles, hence very effective in getting a toned belly.

5. Split Leg Crunches: One of the most intensive and safest ways to hit your core muscles. Intensive, because you are able to use the power of core muscles to its maximum and safest, because you don’t get any strain on your lower back.




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