A Guide to Gym Jargon from Fitness Expert

A Guide to Gym Jargon from Fitness Expert

Dr.Neeraj Mehta profile Authored by Dr.Neeraj Mehta on 29 Jun 2016 - 10:32.


Your first day at the gym is going to be very awkward and believe me, you will feel as if you are an alien among those daily gym goers. Scary machines, dumbbells and beast looking fitness freaks all around can scare you away. Daily gym goers have their own lingo which won’t make sense to you at first. So, here is a list of the most common terms used by them and trainers too.

1. Maxing  Out:

It refers to the maximum amount of weight you can lift without getting unstable, i.e. your maximum limit. Everyone wants to reach his maximum level of output at the gym. Shifting your concentration to achieving your one rep maximum weight will probably require a shift in your training regimen, and may necessitate a total overhaul. Once you have followed a good strength protocol and are looking to test your rep max, you need to find a balance between performing enough warm up sets to mitigate injury.

2. Shredded:

The muscles of your body, get well defined, i.e. your body is fully ripped and chiselled out, which generally results when your body has a very low fat percentage due to heavy weight lifting or maxing out.

3. Train to Failure:

Train to failure means when an exerciser cannot do one more rep without going wobbly or not being able to place the weight down without a sound.

4. Hard Gainer:

Hard gainer as the word itself suggests, is someone who is not able to gain muscle easily and it takes quite a time with them.Genetics is the main problem with them. This means such people have a need to increase their calorie intake.Try chocolate shakes and banana shake in addition to your normal diet.

5. Bonk:

Bonking means to get exhausted, i.e. run out of energy. If you need to run a long marathon you need to take extra calories as it will help you run longer before you start feeling dizzy and out of energy.

6. Quadzilla:

This term is used for people with big bulging thighs that cannot fit most of the jeans or trousers. Steroids and genetics are two main reasons for having bulging quadriceps.

7. Muscle Confusion:

If you do the same type of exercise again and again, your muscles get adapted to it. Therefore variation in your training is a good thing but not for the beginners.

8. Swole:          

It is the feeling a person gets when he has worked out or maxed out and has pumped out to the fullest i.e. swollen to the fullest.

There are more gym lingos you will learn when you join one, but the jargons stated above will help you to adjust to your new surroundings, making your first day less awkward.


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