Diet and Workout Tips to Stay Fit in Your 30's

Diet and Workout Tips to Stay Fit in Your 30's

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Turning 30 is seen as a cornerstone in people's lives especially because the average life expectancy age is generally seen to be around 63 to 70. Amidst career, marriage & relationships and the daily grind, fitness often tends to take a backseat. It is a common fad that our body inhibits growth in our 30s. This notion has been disapproved and negated by various researches done in the recent past. New studies have stated that even in our 30s, we do not lose our bone mass or growth hormones all at once! Thus, with a continued lifestyle of proper diet, nutrition, exercise, flexibility and motivation, you can be much fitter, younger and agile.

Fitness is not just about body, but a combination of body, mind and soul. People in their 30s must look at fitness as a way of life, rather than a new effort. Just because you are in your mid-30s does not mean you cannot participate in fun activities. In fact it is great for your body if you join sports clubs, gyms and dance classes. Run marathons, do races with your lovely children and enjoy life the healthy way.

Health Tips from Neeraj Mehta (a renowned celebrity fitness expert, who trained a lot of bollywood stars) to stay fit and absolutely gorgeous even in your 30s:

Exercise -  A Magic Pill to Stay Fit :

The fact is there is no shortcut to exercise. One can go around stating facts and figures about how a diet can take care of everything but the body won’t make use of your dietary changes unless and until your body is stimulated alongside your dietary habits.

Options for You:

  • Exercise at home, even better if you do it with your partner, your family members; include people in your exercise space, people who make you happy and who motivate you. Indulge in some ‘together’ time by doing stretching, squatting, meditating and relaxing with them.
  • Run a mile, race with your children or your partner. Another good alternative is brisk walking. Brisk walking is said to boost metabolism and is miraculous for heart or lung patients.
  • Exercise in a gym or studio, any time during the day. Do circuit training, strength training, aerobic, zumba, power yoga etc.

Diet Tips to Hold the Clock-of-Life

Along with exercise, maintaining a holistic dietary system is essential for people in their 30s. It is important to understand, that with age, it is only natural for the body to lose some of its agility. Hence, we need to infuse our growth hormones with good nutrition.

  • Go Green: Include leafy, green vegetables, eggs, fish, soy, and fruits in your diet.
  • Gift Health: While going on dates or family dinners, gift health to your family, friends and loved ones by taking them to healthy eating joints that provide healthy alternatives to preserved food and drinks.
  • Count your Calories- Yes, it is possible, thanks to the hundreds of mobile applications available to us for free, we can count the number of calories we take in through our diet, which will help us keep our eating habits in check.
  • Healthy Food Need not Boring: Join cookery classes; learn how to curate interesting, delicious dishes out of healthy ingredients.


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