How Can the Short Gain Height?

How Can the Short Gain Height?

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The height of a person plays a significant role in his/ her life. Short heighted people are often subjected to embarrassment and disappointments, be it standing in the front row in the school, or your friends nicknaming.While being short does not make you a bad person, it does count in in confidence building and a giving you feel-good factor. According to science if you haven’t reached your late twenties then you still have time to add up a few inches because normally body growth stops after mid twenties.

Height is predominantly determined by genes. It is said that 85 percent of your growth depends upon the genetic material you inherited from your parents. So, the first thing that determines your height is your parents’ height. Secondly, your environment and your habits such as exposure to tobacco or smoking in your childhood or an illness that can stunt your body’s growth.

Reams of advertisement in papers and TV can mislead you with availability of various supplements assuring you of growing tall but they don’t make an effect. If you haven’t reached your mid-twenties, here are some tips to add up a few inches:

Stretching is the most effective form of exercise to gain height. It is recommended that you do these stretching for about 15 minutes a day. Car stretch, the bridge, cobra stretch, super stretch, the table, bow down and twists with basic stretches are a key way of starting up and then you can try hanging on to a bar and stretching your spine for a few minutes. These can lead to remarkable results.

Exercising: Besides stretching, exercising daily or engaging yourself in sports activities such as skipping rope, basketball football etc. helps a good deal. Swimming is considered as the best exercise to gain height, specially the breaststrokes. Yoga also helps you in maintaining a good posture as your postures too can make you look shorter if you suffer with Scoliosis or kyphotic spine. These activities keep the body active and increase the metabolism.

Body metabolism and diet: The more the metabolism, the better the food intake (nutirious) and more the growth.

A nutritious diet and healthy eating habits are a must. Proteins,carbohydrates,calcium, zinc are important for body growth. Three healthy meals a day, at least eight glasses of water to keep you hydrated and milk are a must.

Sleep: Adequate sleep with proper diet helps in the release of growth hormone as, it is at resting time that your body actually works and so sleeping well helps in good growth.

If you are very concerned, medical assistance may help. But if you want to grow naturally, then the above referred tips can help. Surgeries like leg lengthening surgery are very expensive, painful and might result in complications.

My personal suggestion is that you must keep your immune system strong and avoid drugs, alcohol or steroids and caffeine, especially at a young age. If you have crossed your mid twenties then your attire and style (the clothes you wear, high heeled shoes or adding insoles and wearing your hair up) can help to make you add a little more height.

Stay healthy and grow taller naturally.



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