Myths and Facts : Building Body

Myths and Facts : Building Body

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The topic of body building raises many a question on many minds. Right from diet and nutrition, to fitness nuances and ways and types of exercising, there is plenty to learn about. Dr. Neeraj Mehta Fitness expert answers some questions here, to clarify some doubts for you.

Are protein powders and supplements safe?

Protein and other supplements do not harm us if you take them in right quantity, at regular intervals, exercise regularly and eat a well balanced diet. Our protein intake should be 80 percent from our diet and 20 percent from supplements, only if you are not eating a balanced diet.

Supplements may be harmful if taken in excess:
• Excess protein, which the body cannot absorb will be converted into fat and raise uric acid levels of the body.
• Excess protein will also disturb the nitrogen levels of the body, washes out calcium and other minerals from our bones and breeds        kidney stones
• Excess intake of protein supplements ages you prematurely and can cause significant harm

2. What are the most common chemicals that most fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders use?

The common chemical is aspartame, which is the sweetener for most protein powders. Saccharin, fructose, and artificial colors are also a part of protein powders and other supplements.

3. When should we take protein supplements?

• Right after an intensive bout of exercise, protein helps in rebinding the muscle tissues
• Before going to bed, because the organs are doing their job while resting at night.
• It can be had with nutritive breakfast to maximize energy.

4. What are the natural ways to a fit body?

• Eat small meals at regular intervals, every two hours. This will keep your metabolism high and energetic throughout the day.
• Eat 5 to 6 different fruits and 3 to 4 green vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains and beans - all densly nutritive.
• Try to eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up, it will keep your energy level high whole day
• Exercise is a magic pill, do it regularly. Weight training increases muscle tone, body balance, metabolism and improve heart function and    lung diffusion capacity.
• Drink plenty of water and fluids

5. Many people want to build a body quickly, how do you explain?

Yes, there is a great influence on the people to build body quickly especially in the age group of 17 to 25 years. They get inspired from watching the latest trends and movies with their favorite actors flaunting six packs and big biceps. They also want to build their body quickly and look like their favorite superstars, but bodybuilding is a constant and a regular process which cannot happen overnight or in a few days. It needs to be practiced on a daily bases with a lot of dedication, discipline and regularity to see major results. The body grows at a constant speed, time and intervals. Patience and determination are key to bodybuilding.

6. What are the things one should look for in, food labels, drinks, and energy bars?

1. Serving size (each scoop)
2. Information on calories, vitamins and minerals
3. Percentage of all nutrients, recommended daily value (based on a 2000-calorie diet)
5. Other health related information.

Just follow these simple tips and steadily and surely it is bound to help you over time.



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