Mental Health Check Up - Perceptions about Mental Health

Mental Check Up - Not a Taboo!

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 15 Dec 2015 - 11:47


While going to the doctor for a regular checkup is a common thing, getting a mental health check up is hardly done. Mental checkups are equally important especially when we are under constant stress.

In the current day scenario, most of us find ourselves going through stress or tough times, be it due to a new job, marriage or baby. But when does one need to see a doctor? When certain symptoms persist over a period of few weeks, then you know that stress is beginning to take a toll on your body.

Symptoms to watch for, are: getting moody, unable to relax, unable to sleep, uncomfortable with people, eating excessively or too little.

Getting moody: Though, you are a happy person normally, you may find yourself feeling agitated at small things or losing your temper over your family and friends frequently. This is more than a simple mood change and may be due to depression or anxiety say experts.

Unable to relax: If you are anxious and unable to concentrate, unnecessarily worried about simple things, it is an anxiety symptom. Depression can be temporary, but anxiety can soon become a part of you, without your knowledge. You could live with it for years and it could affect your mental and physical health according to experts. Headache, upset stomach,  and breathing problems are tied to anxiety.

Unable to sleep: Sleeplessness has become a common problem in this age. Falling asleep at work during the day impacts  lives. If the causes such as thyroid or chronic pain are eliminated for sleeplessness and yet you’re unable to sleep, it could be due to mental and emotional causes.

Uncomfortable with people: When going through depression people tend to stay aloof, avoiding people and interactions. This is a sign of depression you can’t ignore.

Eating excessively or too little: People tend to overeat during celebrations or vacations, but long-term overeating could be linked to emotional eating. It could be the reverse too, with loss of appetite and eating too little. According to Harvard Medical School review short-term stress may lead to loss of appetite and long-term stress raises appetite due to increase in the hormone cortisol.

Some incorrct perceptions about mental health:

A lot of people have negative perceptions that seeking medical support for mental health is not required. At times, most of them don’t even realize they need help. They neglect it, thinking they can resolve it by themselves. However, some misbeliefs are listed here to help you relate with:

  • “I will deal with it.” While no attempt is made to even figure out the cause for distress, addressing it on your own is far from real. So, instead of delaying medical help under this false perception, it is better to reach out for help.
  • “I am not weak.” It’s not considered weakness, as everyone goes through tough times and severe stress. Some can handle and others cannot. Knowing that need help is sign of strength.
  • “I am not a psycho,” Many think getting mental health checkup is only for psychic people. To seek medical help is sane not insane. Highly successful people also take help.
  • “I can’t afford.” Some organizations offeremployee assistance program’ (EAPs) where you can get a counselor to speak with you. If this is not available then speak to a close friend, an elderly balanced person to hear your problem and find a solution.          



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