True Story: A Health Checkup Preventing the Onset of Cardiac Disease

True Story: A Health Checkup Preventing the Onset of Cardiac Disease

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 13 Sep 2015 - 14:14


“I woke up in the morning and found my right hand aching severely, starting from my neck radiating down to my fingertips. I never had such a weird feeling ever. I suffered all day and then saw a general physician the next day. He directed me to a cardiologist. I had to wait for a few days to get his appointment and finally saw the cardiologist. He immediately asked me to get a cardiac done (a series of tests), to rule out any heart problems” said Prameela, a customer of DesiMD (45 year old), who purchased the Cardiac Health Checkup Package from DesiMD.

She said she was paranoid when the doctor suspected that she could have a heart problem. “Until then I always thought I was healthy, though at times I was not feeling too well” she said. I used to eat a lot of fried and fatty food and never realized it would have such implications on my heart. She went to the doctor only because of the symptoms she experienced and was already a bit late in starting the treatment. The doctor said, she was on the verge of being affected by atherosclerosis. In atherosclerosis plaques are formed inside the blood vessels as a result of building up of cholesterol and fats on the artery walls which restrict of blood flow.  “I am now much better as I am on treatment now."

However, I have to take medicines for lifetime, but I am out of danger now. Nevertheless, I am happy to hear the doctor say that I am saved from this heart disease although I was on the verge of getting it.” says Prameela feeling a sense of relief, but still a bit worried about the risk. Now she’s disciplined herself to lead a better lifestyle eating a healthy diet and controlling her weight.

Most often this is what happens to most of us. We wait for a symptom to pop up and alert us to see a doctor, but even then we don’t take these symptoms seriously, unless they interfere with our life. By the time we see the doctor, it is often late and the disease is already developed, causing discomfort, pain and stress and the treatment cost going up.

Know the risk factors:
When you know you have risk factors such as:

  • Family history of heart ailments
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (irregular and unhealthy eating habits, physically inactive, lack of sleep)

One of the most important things is to see your doctor for a heart health check.  This involves getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and talking to the doctor about your lifestyle risk factors –as part of a routine checkup.

Heart disease often do not have symptoms, therefore it is very important when you next visit your doctor to have your risk factors measured – whether or not you think anything is wrong with you. Be honest and provide your doctor with as much information about your lifestyle and family history as possible. 

Managing personal health records:

Keep a record of the lab results safely online as PHR (personal health record) and share it with your doctor to help accurate and quicker diagnosis. It also helps you track your own health parameters time-to-time.

Caution: Regular health checkups (HCPs) are crucial to monitor your health status and take appropriate health and lifestyle precautions for everybody above the age of 25. This prevents the onset of any disease or help address any problem right in the initial stages. Prevention is simpler, easier and more cost-effective, rather than treating diseases.

Find a wide range of Health Checkup Packages across hospitals in India and select the one that best suits your need, at a location that is most convenient to you, online at DesiMD. If you are not aware as to what health checkup is best for you, talk to our in-house doctor and get guidance and help.


*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.