Top 10 Ideas to Pamper Yourself and Your Valentine - The Health Way!

10 Ideas to Pamper Yourself and Your Valentine - The Health Way!

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 12 Feb 2016 - 11:59


Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate with your loved one. Though you may feel ecstatic about the thought of it, if you don't feel healthy, you can't really give your best to your valentine. So, make this day a beginning to start a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your loved one, by making healthy choices, a part of your everyday life. If you are already on that path, you are on top, but if you're not, start now, for long term health and love.

It takes small steps to start with, to live a healthy lifestyle. Starting February 14, make simple changes to your everyday life, whether celebrating Valentine's Day on your own, or with your loved one.

 Healthy Valentine's Day, Quick Ideas 

1.    Treat yourself and your loved one to a healthy meal with vegetables, greens and salads. (less oil- low in saturated fat) and salt (low sodium), and cut down on sweets and sugary drinks, instead eat fruits. A healthy nutritious diet plays a primary role in maintaining good health.

2.    Plan an activity that encourages physical fitness for both. Join a Yoga class where you can do yoga together. Go jogging, cycling or swimming together. Make regular physical activity a part of your life. It helps control weight, reduce your risk for diseases like cancers, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and more.

3.    Limit or avoid alcohol consumption: Drinking alcohol excessively or regularly can lead to immediate health problems. Alcoholism or addiction is very harmful to overall health.

4.    Do you or your partner smoke? As you know cigarette smoking kills. The only way is to quit smoking. It is the leading cause of preventable diseases with six million dying each year due to tobacco consumption.

5.    Know your Heart Disease Risk:  Millions die of preventable heart diseases every year. Check your heart health and your lifestyle habits. Stress, obesity and lack of physical activity are the leading risk factors of heart disease. Talk to a doctor and get a health check done. It helps early detection of any disease or preventable risk factors.

6.    Manage Stress: Are you overworked or suffering an emotional stress? Stress is dangerous for health and a risk factor for many diseases like, diabetes, hypertension, skin problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases. Help each other to manage stress, before it takes you over.

7.    Health Check: Get a health-check done for yourself and your partner. A periodic checkup helps nip any health problem before it become chronic or even before it develops into a disease. Everybody above 25 require a health check, even if you think you are healthy.

8.    Have a healthy weight? Obesity or over weight is the leading cause of many diseases. Are you and your loved one have a healthy weight within BMI of 25? Check your BMI today. Help each other maintain a healthy weight with nutritious diet and regular physical exercises.

9.    Prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Lower your risk by, abstaining from sex or use protection. Show your love by engaging in healthy behaviors.

10.  Be light hearted: Make some room for some humor in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take it easy, give love, help others, be open to criticism, travel and learn to laugh often. Most of all make this Valentine’s Day a memorable worthwhile day for both of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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