How to Manage your Stress Positively

The Upside of Stress: Managing Stress Positively

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 4 Oct 2013 - 23:29


Stress can be a friend rather than a foe.  It is not alien to anyone, rather experienced by everyone across all demographics – age, sex, colour, occupation, religion or place. The answer lies in how you deal with it. Look at it through a positive lens and address it practically, and it can change your life for the better, say psychologists.

Learning healthier ways of managing stress can do more good than harm. Most important, be aware, identify and assess it right at the beginning. The next step is to change the situation, or if you can’t, then change your reaction to it.

Every individual should find his/her own way to deal with it, though some common factors can be considered to reduce stress, which is to avoid, alter, accept or adapt to the stressor. 

Avoid stressor:  Though not all stressors can be avoided, yet dealing with it depending on the situation can address it to an extent. Eg. A receptionist in a hospitality industry is meant to be patient and maintain a smiling and a pleasant disposition all day long. Despite being on her feet all day and constantly receiving customers, she has no choice but to deliver what is expected of her. Instead of getting stressed out, it is better to cope with it, by accepting and adapting to that role.

Alter stressor: If a certain job is very demanding, be it your profession or household chores, it is incumbent on you to deliver but without getting stressed. The answer: Take a pause, understand the reason for stress and find a suitable way of addressing it, with an assertive “no” to more demands if it starts affecting your health. 

Adapt to stressor: Change yourself, if you cannot change the stressor. Adapting to stressful situations can help you to take charge of it rather than be dictated by it. Changing your attitude or expectation is in your control. Looking at the larger picture can put things in a new perspective. Achieving a certain goal might bring up several hurdles but when the focus is on the end goal, everything that pops up in between will be seen as transient.

Accept the stressor: Some stressors are not avoidable. In such situations it is wise to accept it rather than reject it. Eg. In the case of a death of a loved one or critical illness, stress is best coped by accepting the situation the way it is as it is not under your control to change it.

Find “me” time: Spend time in solitude, gather yourself, reflect and ponder over things you have no time for. Also connecting with nature, music, spending time with family and good friends, reading, travelling, meditating are some of the relaxing techniques to pull up yourself. When you find time for at least a few of these, you are in good shape.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing stress. Everyone has a unique way of responding to it. The best way to address it is to find your own solution to it after analysing it with different techniques and strategies. Find a source that keeps you calm and relaxed. If dealt this way, stress can tap into your potential to be winner rather than a loser.

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.