Top Tips to Stay True To Your Heart Health This Valentine's Day

Watch Your Heart While You Indulge On Valentine's Day

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 14 Feb 2014 - 12:10
It's Valentine's Day! Is your heart thumping or is it missing a beat? Well, guess it happens if you're celebrating it with your loved one for the first time. While flowers, chocolates, gifts, goodies and of course some quiet time with your partner  will occupy your mind space today, its cardinal to feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. That can happen only when you have good health, most importantly a healthy heart, because your heart takes the entire load. Be it handling your emotions, stress, or unhealthy food, it's the heart that takes the brunt.
While you celebrate the day, be gentle to your heart. To keep it happy and healthy, here are some cool tips, to celebrate not only this special Valentine's Day, but always:
Exercise together
You heard it before, that exercise can improve your heart health dramatically; if you haven't started it yet, start it today!  Together (with your loved one) you can do some work out or even better enroll yourself for aerobic classes, yoga or a gym, so that you have fun while you tone your body. The couple-effect is even more, because it encourages both of you to do some good to yourself individually and for your partner. This way you get to enjoy some time with each other and at the same time, boost your heart health.
Cook together (with your loved one)
Cooking is a great stress buster (remember that stress is bad for your heart),  so instead of ordering food from your favorite restaurant (which will probably be laden with unhealthy oils and salts, or sweets that can harm your heart), get your partner into the kitchen and cook up some great meal together. Watch what's good for your heart while you do that. Check out good heart-healthy recipes online that you can make (think Mediterranean) together.
Dance together
Dancing to the tunes of your favorite music is in many ways, great for your heart. Dancing doesn't just relieve stress and stimulate the release of feel-good hormones or oxytocin (bonding hormones), but also keeps your body fit, and your heart healthy. Dancing is also a good way to bond with your partner while your heart is enjoying the exercise, on the Valentine's day.
Go easy on the wine
You may want to indulge on Valentine's day and have a great meal complete with champagne –but wait right there! This Valentine's day, take a pledge to improve your heart health and steer clear of foods (including alcohol) that damage your heart.
So stay well, continue to fill your heart with love and enjoy the day.
Wishing you A Very Happy Valentine's Day from DesiMD Healthcare Services!
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