10 Top Reasons for Divorce in India

10 Top Reasons for Divorce in India

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 22 Feb 2016 - 10:04


Marriage marks the beginning of a beautiful milestone in a person's life, but for some it leads to a happy life, while for some others, it's a constant battle to make it survive. Gone are those days when they said marriages are made in heaven, going by the alarming rise of divorce rate in India. A newspaper report quotes, "This is an unusual trend in a country where the divorce rate was just 1 in 1,000 ten years ago, and is still a relatively low 13 per 1,000 – as compared to the US average of 500 per 1,000." It's time to scrutinize the reasons behind divorce to reduce its occurrence. Some reasons are:

1.      “I don’t like my partner’s looks”

Unbelieving as it may seem, the commonest of all reasons that stir people for divorce filing is on the basis of their partner’s appearance. This case is not just with arranged marriage couples but also in a “love marriage”. Is it the fact that men & women are under the metrosexual affect or have they become totally insensitive? A survey published by Men's Health magazine says that marital bliss gets hampered when either of the partners gains a lot of weight and looks unattractive.

Quick Tip: Make sure you take efforts to enhance your appealing look, not only for your own self but also for your partner, because there are others who may be working on their looks to steal your partner’s attention. Get a makeover. Revamp your wardrobe. Take better care of yourself.

2.      “My partner has been unfaithful

Marital infidelities top the list of reasons why people file for divorce. Various factors such as anger, varied interests, resentment, long distance relationships, unequal sexual appetites and many more cause a partner to look out for greener “pastures”. Refraining from maintaining a healthy sex life by one of the partners, also leads to infidelity and cheating.

Quick Tip: Satisfying your partner’s physical and emotional desires and your marriage bed remains undefiled.

3.      “He abuses me verbally, emotionally and physically

Constant nagging is like a constantly leaking roof. Constant fights and arguments put marriage on the rocks, as it leads to both parties to a breaking point leaving no hope for a second chance. An abusive relationship is neither safe nor healthy. It also takes a toll on the kids and hampers their fragile personalities and emotions. Marriage is all about mutual expectations and cravings and when that is compromised, it leads to divorce.

Quick Tip: Polite conduct, mutual respect and admiration could heal broken hearts.

4.      We lack that initial romance and passion we once enjoyed”

No matter how understanding a couple might be towards each other, when there is sluggishness in bed, it gradually leads to a broken marriage. The foundation for a successful marital life is sex and when that is missing, it’s time you gave it a serious thought. Every relationship needs certain intimacy and passion and it is important that partners nurture these amongst them. Women love their husbands to be romantic towards them, while men may feel hurt if turned down in bed. If this mutual equation is missing in a marriage, it is bound to lead to divorce. 

Quick Tip: Work towards bringing back that initial magical spark back into your marriage.

5.      “I don’t like the way he treats our kids”

Parenthood is the biggest phase in a marriage and one cannot afford to take this lightly. Most partners lack common understanding about rising and disciplining their kids in a certain way and this leads to constant friction and arguments. For instance, the wife calms down a crying child by talking and explaining the situation, while the father punishes the child; when they are not on the same page while handling kids, matters such as these pile up ultimately leading to divorce.

Quick Tip: Discuss with each other on parenting issues and seek counselling to come to a mutual understanding.

6.      We’re bored of each other”

Monotonous lifestyle makes couples lose excitement and enjoyment in each other, eventually leading to a divorce. Due to lack of pleasure and enthusiasm in a marriage, couples lose interest in each other which creates a distance between them. In other words, when both partners believe they no longer enjoy each other’s companionship, they withdraw and seek friendship elsewhere, subtly leading them into extramarital affairs and finally divorce.

Quick Tip: Know your partner’s interests and take efforts to surprise him or her by indulging in related activities.

7.      He’s addicted to drugs, alcohol and pornography”

A recent study reveals that about 45% of couples prefer to split owing to additional issues. Addiction to alcohol and drugs are bound to take your marriage down the rocky road with no hope for happy times ahead. Alcoholism not only jeopardizes marriage but also affects family foundations. This eventually leads to emotional difficulties, heated arguments, physical abuse, domestic violence and finally divorce. Pornographic addiction is breaking marital bliss as this directly hits the partner’s confidence and self-respect.

Quick Tip: Respect your partner’s personality, have self-respect and be supportive.

8.      “He’s a male chauvinist! No, she’s a female chauvinist!”

Chauvinistic problems and ego clashes are one of the most common reasons leading to divorce. Sadly, a male-dominated society like India seems to be affecting marriages too. Once the initial honeymoon time is over and reality sinks in, it gets difficult to bear with each other’s faults and weaknesses. Also, uncompromising working women earning equally well as their partners affects the wedlock. This eventually leads to ego clashes and raging arguments until both partners separate for good. According to lawyers, couples end up having egoistic irrevocable differences due to immaturity and intolerance.

Quick Tip: A magic word called “sorry” and little sacrifices here and there go a great way in saving failing relationships. 

9.      “I can’t bear my in-laws’ demands”

Dowry related demands from in-laws breathe havoc into blissful marriages. Too much of interference and intolerable unending materialistic demands from in-laws often results in divorce.  The usual ‘saas-bahu’ conflict cannot be emphasized more, in leading to insecurity and misunderstandings between the couple. When there is no fair play in such situations it often leads to a lot of stress.

Quick Tip: Taking a rightful stand matters here!

10.  “I’m financially insecure”

When money becomes the root of all arguments and discussions, there is hardly any room for love and bonding. Most partners feel financially insecure, owing to unrestrained spendthrift ways and financial irresponsibility.  

Quick Tip: Discussing financial issues well ahead of time, even before marriage helps the couple have a fair understanding of each other’s views on financial matters.





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