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I am suffering with psoriasis on my head at few locations. Due to this, the scalp which falls on my back.. 10-Aug-2016 01:13:01 none
irregular periods from last 1 yr..I am gaining my weight feeling.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 10-Aug-2016 01:03:16 1
I am jay my age is 20years I have a problem of rashes in both side of penis i daily use to change my.. 10-Aug-2016 00:42:56 none
I need help coz of my legs both legs side of penis the rashes is irrered me so much i I used to change.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 10-Aug-2016 00:39:59 2
I am 38 years old man. I had open Heart surgery in 2012. I take blood thinner. and I have to maintain.. Cardiac disorders 09-Aug-2016 23:45:51 2
hi doc, i wanna ask something related to growth Increasing for my sister , shes just 4'11" . please.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 23:17:39 1
I get in secong marriage first ihave beby that time doctors close temporary my pregnancy bag now i need.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:48:02 1
My wife is pregnant its 3months now and she is been vomiting too much.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:44:28 1
Hi, actually my needs to travel. So she planned to take primolut-N. Is that safe ? How many days she.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:39:40 2
I am male 39, feeling feverish since the last couple of.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 21:49:04 1
My last period date was 7 july n on 5july 2016 we had intercoursed without protection n in this month my.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 21:27:27 1
I m 27 yr old. it is almost 8 days over my mc. On taking pregnancy test by strip, the first line.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 21:23:10 1
hi last date of menses was 06/07/16 after that I had sex wid my bf on 05/08/16 and than I took I.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 20:57:17 1
My name is Meena my age 35 I had baby in Dec 2014 and I got periods when he was in 9 months I stopped.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 19:54:24 2
Doctor I have a problem of rectal bleeding or anal bleeding for the past 4 days So please help me on.. Digestive disorders 09-Aug-2016 19:19:45 2
Hi sir, i affected by ticks from 5 days , please help me how can i get ride from ticks.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 19:04:08 1
hi sir my name is jay 23 age and my weight 49,height 5.8 i would like to improve weight and body wts d.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 18:34:49 1
What is the best treatment for fungal infection in between the.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 09-Aug-2016 16:44:05 1
My father’s suffer from problem of tingling sensation and numbness in 20th may 2016 morning time.. Nervous system disorders 09-Aug-2016 15:56:25 2
i have kidney stone of 6.5mm. i consulted the doctor. he suggested me tamfil tablet and kmac b6 tonic... Nephrology 09-Aug-2016 15:49:31 2
In some areas over my face the skin is getting rough like dead skin n its itching also. Can I use.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 09-Aug-2016 15:12:42 1
Hello doctor,i am 33 yr old,i have abdominal pain sometimes.ultrasound report of abdomen n pelvis are.. Digestive disorders 09-Aug-2016 14:27:46 1
I have pain on my backside near to backbone.. Orthopedics 09-Aug-2016 14:09:12 1
Pimples and those marks on face even on chest and back side of.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 09-Aug-2016 13:37:18 1
Im Ravinder can i drink Carrot and Beetroot juice everyday? And how much should i drink what are its.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 12:31:16 1
My uncle is suffering from acute depression. He was taking prescribed medicine for his illness and has.. Psychiatry 09-Aug-2016 12:22:13 1
what does an area of gliosis noted in the left high parietal lobe, with associated volume loss and.. Nervous system disorders 09-Aug-2016 11:55:36 2
feel weird light headed and dizzy also feel like i cant breath whats.. Psychiatry 09-Aug-2016 11:34:04 2
Hi, This is the 5th month from the day i had intercourse with a escort. from last 1 week i am having.. Genitourinary disorders 09-Aug-2016 11:18:20 2
Dengue result is positive.but after giving medicine again and again fever is.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 10:58:18 1
Hello Dr. I am observing a small portion of extra skin near anus( motion hole) since 1 week. There is no.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 10:46:17 1
hello sir i am shibashish from problem is before threeday two three boils come out in my.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 10:01:08 1
I always suffer from loose motion.Every time i eat something, i feel like.. Digestive disorders 09-Aug-2016 09:26:37 1 42 Yrs..weighing 91 ht 6' my vit-d level is 29..calcium is 7..having pain in left knee joint..on.. Orthopedics 09-Aug-2016 09:02:13 1
Sir , I am 24 years old with brownish skin tone and oily skin.small black heads on nose it is very.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 09-Aug-2016 08:23:17 1
Iam 18 years old,A CAT HAS SCRATCHED MY HANDS WITH ITS NAIL DOCTOR,It's not bleeding.only a small.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 08:21:30 1
pregnency testing positive result means and negetive result means please answer.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 06:24:08 1
OK am suffering from piles .l need medicine for.. Digestive disorders 09-Aug-2016 02:26:03 1
I frequently get burning sensation in ma stomach, it gets worsen wen I drink coffee or tea. These days I.. Digestive disorders 09-Aug-2016 01:45:55 1
skin father Inlaw is suffering from a skin allergy disease I want to.know what best medicine.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 09-Aug-2016 01:24:13 1
I am a Suger Patient Iam 52 yrs old My Blood sugar label is !50mg/dl . How can i control.. General Medicine 09-Aug-2016 00:55:07 1
Hello Doctors, i am planning for baby and doctor prescribed me susten 200 10tablets once a day before.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 00:18:30 1
I am male and I am suffering from bone cancer and more pain in bone.could you suggest me what i do to.. Neoplasms (cancer) 09-Aug-2016 00:00:22 1
Hi i am male 25 yrs and 84kgs weight. recently i develooed pimple like rashes near my penis and it.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 08-Aug-2016 23:45:10 1
I took a hcg shot on Saturday. .went for a follicular scan today(MONDAY) and the follicle had not.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 23:14:57 1
sir my father age is 65. he was suffering from breathing problem. an xray is done and doctor seeing it.. Infectious disorders 08-Aug-2016 23:00:19 1
My baby is 5 month. baby ko green loose motion in 5 time today.. Paediatrics 08-Aug-2016 22:54:58 1
please read this report and help me that my patient have cancer or not i attach the report.. Neoplasms (cancer) 08-Aug-2016 22:35:56 1
Hi, I use to use iv injections and have marks now which I am very embarrassed about. I have stopped.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 08-Aug-2016 22:08:18 2
Hi , Am suffering from constipation . Please help me for.. General Medicine 08-Aug-2016 21:36:09 1