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Doctor I had a sex with my boyfriend without precaution for which I had taken a precaution pill. but now.. 01-Aug-2016 15:37:12 none
My daughter is 7 yrs old. I dnt know how I have missed her DPT booster vaccine scheduled for age 5-6.. 01-Aug-2016 15:17:41 none
I'm from thanjavur.I'm 24 years old girl. I'm married and I have a 1 year old boy. From 25th day of my.. 01-Aug-2016 15:11:55 none
On fourth day period it is possible to get pregnant I have done home test also but it is negative.. 01-Aug-2016 15:06:46 none
On having a Sec on fourth day of period can I get pregnant I have done home test also but it's.. 01-Aug-2016 15:03:52 none
hi iam aparna iam in my 23 week of pregnancy i did thyriod TSH around 19 week at 8pm the results is 8.6.. 01-Aug-2016 14:15:30 none
I want to know about the uses and side effects of otocin ear drops.. 01-Aug-2016 13:53:03 none
Yesterday I had a sex with my wife suddenly condom cut there is a chances to get HIV.. 01-Aug-2016 12:43:07 none
Im not sure what wrong I feel like I'm burning up and I have a small sharp pain in my stomac keeping me.. 01-Aug-2016 12:39:07 none
Hi was licked by the dog two days back No cut only licking i washed it when i got home Today i cut.. 01-Aug-2016 12:38:49 none
iam suffering from weakness and ,always i feel vertigo in my daily routine and also feel weakness in.. 01-Aug-2016 12:15:54 none
My father in law is suffering from minor heart attack, high creatinine, seziours, diabeties and.. 01-Aug-2016 11:57:00 none
Both of my hands are showing different Blood pressure and the difference is huge. What should I do.. 01-Aug-2016 11:31:59 none
hi im 31 wks 3 d my placenta located in body anterior, grade 2 to 3 situated well above presenting part.. 01-Aug-2016 11:06:02 none
My wife is in last month of pregnancy But by mistake we had sex from back side. and now she is.. 01-Aug-2016 09:20:37 none
I am 25 years old and had sex.But he didnt insert me.He just rubbed my part with his penis.also his.. 01-Aug-2016 07:58:15 none
My pennies is 2 inches at normal state and at erection state it is 3 inches. Please tell me is it.. 01-Aug-2016 07:44:10 none
I am having little pain in left testicle after.. 01-Aug-2016 02:50:17 none
Hello doctor, i m getting slight fever since last one month. If some person having those u hv fever if i.. 01-Aug-2016 01:44:12 none
I am a 26 year male from delhi. I had sex with my girl friend many times, protected as well as.. 01-Aug-2016 01:16:55 none
31 suffering from d1 ulcer but wanna try some home remedy but don't the medication for stomach ulcer and.. 01-Aug-2016 00:52:25 none
I have undergone USG of whole abdomen the impression are heterogenous parenchymal echopattern of liver.. 01-Aug-2016 00:21:44 none
i am female 21 yr. i had enlarge open pores in my head & chiks.. from last 6 to.. 01-Aug-2016 00:20:48 none
Hi! I want to prepone my periods. My tentative date is 13-14 Aug. I need to be done by 6th Aug. Can you.. 31-Jul-2016 23:56:50 none
I m having lower back pain at both side dark urine and bad stomach.. 31-Jul-2016 23:32:57 none
i had surgery for buccal mucosa left cheek.after surgery biopsy report is good. my surgeon said that no.. 31-Jul-2016 23:31:03 none
sir am frm tamilnadu india am suffring frm electronic torture above2yrs how can i identify the zip in my.. 31-Jul-2016 22:55:31 none
Hi I am 27 year old male person, weight 69 kg, living in hyderabad ,India. I had ice cream 2 days back.. 31-Jul-2016 22:47:50 none
I am male 42 years. last two days I am suffering fever & cough. from this morning blood coming through.. 31-Jul-2016 22:25:40 none
during last 4-5months i have lost 50 pounds of body weight through exercise in gym and diet.. 31-Jul-2016 22:25:35 none
i take liveril suspesion for good health and.. 31-Jul-2016 22:13:16 none
I am 68 Years Old and am Diabetic, high BP already have undergone Angioplasty followed by ByPass.. 31-Jul-2016 22:13:15 none
I am 67 years old, i was playing volleyball and instantly i feel somthing hitted below my knee on the.. 31-Jul-2016 22:12:11 none
brown spot near armpit due to sweating while workout some kind of.. 31-Jul-2016 21:19:04 none
Hi myself Game. I'm 26 year old. I feel very low and tried after 7 PM. Plz help me how to overcome.. 31-Jul-2016 21:12:59 none
I'm feeling low and I get weekness after 7 PM.. plz help me how to come out.. 31-Jul-2016 21:10:41 none
My sgpt and sgopt is normal but bilrubin is 2.96 and i dont feel hunger. What is the.. 31-Jul-2016 19:43:56 none
My T3, & T4 levels are ok, TSH -8.79 level, I am using Thyronorm-75mg , pl suggest what action to be.. 31-Jul-2016 19:14:13 none
I have high sugar level and I have a pain from my right shoulder to the upper hand. What is the problem?.. 31-Jul-2016 19:06:53 none
I have high sugar level and I have a pain from my right shoulder to my upper hand. Its been about 2.. 31-Jul-2016 19:02:47 none
I am 45 Yrs of unmarried male having habit of Masturbating, if i dont masturbate for 2/3 days.I have.. 31-Jul-2016 18:49:53 none
I'm M,26. since few weeks i'm suffering from bleeding stool and itchy anus. suspecting piles, i had.. 31-Jul-2016 18:31:55 none
I am female and I did sex in my childhood with boy during play... I was used to keep his two inch.. 31-Jul-2016 18:26:29 none
Your Query 2 hours ago I am female and I did sex in my childhood with boy during play... I was used to.. 31-Jul-2016 18:25:42 none
i am male 22 old, am having skin abscess for six months it heals and reappear again can i get your.. 31-Jul-2016 17:58:37 none
i have pain in right leg just down to knee, if i stand for long time i can't bend my legs, to sit down.. 31-Jul-2016 17:18:58 none
did not have my periods for the past three months.. 31-Jul-2016 17:15:58 none
I am a 13 year old female and have been suffering from chest pains and tightness for a.. 31-Jul-2016 17:14:11 none
i am facing heavy dandruff problem tell me some shampoo which is useful to reduce the.. 31-Jul-2016 16:58:08 none
ear Doctor Am a 31 year old male. I have been experiencing tint red bumps on glans penis ( I am.. 31-Jul-2016 16:36:20 none