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Female 35 suffering from utter indigestion, extreme gas, irregular bowl weight loss... 31-Jul-2016 15:56:09 none
41 years male, stopped drinks (after 20 years) and anxiety medications (after more than 15 years),.. 31-Jul-2016 15:46:36 none
I have done a Widal test which meant"Salmonella paratyhii AH:Non reactive,salmonella paratyphoid BH:non.. 31-Jul-2016 15:41:57 none
I had fever like 104 F and I took a medicine and since somedays before fever I am feeling a slight pain.. 31-Jul-2016 15:30:41 none
I am 73 yrs old lady.severe leg pain &blow back pain in morning.. 31-Jul-2016 15:28:56 none
Hi My 3.5 yrs old daughter is not able to identify certain colors.. some colors like red she is able to.. 31-Jul-2016 14:44:45 none
sir i had been taking valproal cr 500 morning and night for almost 6 yars then now i am taking dicorate.. 31-Jul-2016 14:33:36 none
A doc prescribed 5 mg folic acid tabs without doing any test. Is it safe to take.. 31-Jul-2016 14:32:32 none
Mai 33 saal ka hu,Bachpan se hi mere andkosh ka right side kbhi fool jata hai to kabhi normal ho jata.. 31-Jul-2016 13:53:49 none
I have white small dry pimples on my scrotum .sometimes they itches.. 31-Jul-2016 13:00:56 none
I am a male of 46 years old. I do not feel energetic. If I stand for an hour, a dark circle create.. 31-Jul-2016 11:53:22 none
My wife is 57 days pregnent and her age is 25 yrs please prescribed medicine without side effect and 100.. 31-Jul-2016 11:40:08 none
Respected sir my wife is 57 days pregnent please advice about medicine without side effect.. 31-Jul-2016 11:35:40 none
I female I have cited me hands sme yrs befre now in one month is my marriage so plz tell me how to get.. 31-Jul-2016 11:34:54 none
I have cut my hands n leg now in one month is my marriage plz tell me how to get rid of this scars.. 31-Jul-2016 11:32:09 none
feeling shivering, head ache , bodypains, but no fever , help me plz, iam 41yrs female, with.. 31-Jul-2016 11:24:00 none
41yrs. hypothyroid, diabeties,hypertension. feeling shivering and head ache, body pains and unable to.. 31-Jul-2016 11:16:46 none
my father aged 76 faced a severe brain stroke 9 year he is on bed and lot of other problems.he.. 31-Jul-2016 10:41:06 none
Sir,I m 23years old male.. Sir, Can I use Buscopan on behalf of Spasmo Proxivon?? Can I get the same.. 31-Jul-2016 10:04:12 none
if i started doing sex in age 12 that also thrice aweek did i have that much power in my pennis to do.. 31-Jul-2016 08:19:14 none
I had a period on June 29-July 3 and I had unprotected sex on July 22 but he didn't ejaculate in me but.. 31-Jul-2016 04:16:31 none
For the past 3 months I have been experiencing head pressure, dizziness, arms and legs tremor,.. 31-Jul-2016 01:12:07 none
small peanut insertedin ear by two year kid how to remove.. 31-Jul-2016 01:04:20 none
I am 42 year old men.left chest pain more than 4 months ECG , TMT , BLOOD TEST NORMAL NOW PAIN IN RIGHT.. 31-Jul-2016 00:40:59 none
Can you please tell me how many chances are there for me to get chickenpox again after taking decadron.. 31-Jul-2016 00:28:45 none
Mai vitcofol syrup le raha hu kya ye sahi syrup.. 30-Jul-2016 23:49:25 none
hai doctor ma mother had uterus cancer.. is it dangarous... what is the life span of her.. pls tell.. 30-Jul-2016 23:45:39 none
hai doctor.. whta is the life span of uterus cancer.. 30-Jul-2016 23:43:42 none
how we use mifty kit in case of pregnancy and patient is above 18.. 30-Jul-2016 23:28:49 none
how we use mifty kit in case of.. 30-Jul-2016 23:27:24 none
I need to know abt skin whitening.. 30-Jul-2016 23:24:59 none
When i was smoke after some time i got a feeling from head rear side pain with giddiness. may io know.. 30-Jul-2016 23:19:20 none
Can I go for USG pelvic scan to rule out ovarian cyst / appendicitis. I may be.. 30-Jul-2016 22:45:55 none
i had my last periods starting on 27june 2016. I had a protected sex on 10 july 2016. But now in july i.. 30-Jul-2016 22:23:51 none
sir my name is deepak im 22 year boy im using nioclean gel and adapalene gel for Truncle acne for my.. 30-Jul-2016 21:58:34 none
hi i had sex in the month of may. after dat i got my periods 2 times til date. but i have symptoms like.. 30-Jul-2016 21:11:31 none
I am sapna .and I have problem with my face it get swell in winters .I had taken medicine for thyroid.. 30-Jul-2016 20:54:54 none
hiii. doctor .I am sapna Chauhan.and I have problem about sweeling. my face get sweel I. winters .I had.. 30-Jul-2016 20:51:22 none
Sir I have thyphiod o is 1.160 & h 1.160 Rest r normal 4days ago now i have no fever and just littlebit.. 30-Jul-2016 20:31:45 none
my father is 54 he is kidney failure he ready to transplant surgery my mother 45 want to donate her.. 30-Jul-2016 20:31:17 none
my father was kidney failure b+ he is 54 my mother want to donate her kidney she is o+ female kidney.. 30-Jul-2016 20:24:54 none
Hey I'm ruchika & I'm 21 years old ..I've blackheads on my whole face that den turns out as.. 30-Jul-2016 20:22:58 none
My two unknown don't remembered doctors give me Scrizyofenia with niddle and gave this laptop to.. 30-Jul-2016 20:15:11 none
Hello doctor, my mom has got a lump on her left head which is painful when touched. It is around 1 cm.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 19:16:38 1
Sir,I m varsha,23 is my age After my two child my breast is became too much small and loose My childs r.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 18:50:17 1
I am female,23 year old...from last 10 days my hands finger is tingling continuously.when I consulted.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 17:33:36 1
Hello sir,i have tested my TSH Level that was 3.98 but doctor suggested me that I don't have any thyroid.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 17:28:28 1
Hello, My mother is 53 years old, 58-kilo weight and blood pressure usually comes around 130/80. She is.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 16:40:13 1
i have h pylori infection. Doctor gives Proton pump inhibitor with clarithromycin. Is it ok? anonther.. Digestive disorders 30-Jul-2016 16:22:47 1
treatment for brown saliva with bad breadth and also one ulcer is at below.. General Medicine 30-Jul-2016 15:49:21 1