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is it normal to have stabbing pain from surgical pins? 30-Apr-2014 15:09:13 2
Can a pregnant women.. travel by air.. ? Gynaecological conditions 24-Apr-2014 23:45:15 1
what does it sound like is wrong with me? Gynaecological conditions 23-Apr-2014 23:19:26 2
How to overcome stress? Others 22-Apr-2014 13:23:39 1
Hard cyst on lower lip Others 15-Apr-2014 04:55:50 2
Feeling tired soon Others 05-Apr-2014 19:06:42 1
Neck pain and headache Nervous system disorders 03-Apr-2014 11:37:05 1
high cholesterol Cardiac disorders 01-Apr-2014 20:48:50 2
What is SGPT? Blood disorders 01-Apr-2014 12:05:12 1
What could be the reason for tiredness? Respiratory disorders 29-Mar-2014 15:07:55 1
do i have UTI or prostrate infection General Medicine 25-Mar-2014 21:35:22 1
Thallium Stress Test Cardiac disorders 24-Mar-2014 12:24:05 1
chest pain post lunch Cardiac disorders 04-Mar-2014 17:49:47 2
Is there a Chance of getting Sperm count NILL ? Pregnancy & child birth 27-Feb-2014 14:14:51 1
Advice on the need to go for a chemo therapy Neoplasms (cancer) 21-Feb-2014 19:54:00 1
i want take my mother for enire body chekup which one is better? Skin and subcutaneous disorders 16-Feb-2014 20:40:22 1
what does this report say with Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 04-Feb-2014 15:01:23 1
Aortic valve stenosis Cardiac disorders 24-Jan-2014 18:51:38 4
Stomach sounds and bloating Digestive disorders 16-Jan-2014 16:29:49 1
Need help on Thyroid condition. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 06-Jan-2014 19:21:21 1
How to deal with headaches in Winter Nervous system disorders 30-Dec-2013 19:50:03 1
What are the side-effects or pit falls of Adenoidectomy? ENT disorders 30-Dec-2013 18:07:19 2
I am 55 years old and the last sexual intercourse was the color of the semen completely browned 24-Dec-2013 03:12:28 1
Increase in heart beat after lunch? Cardiac disorders 19-Dec-2013 18:17:13 2
Eyes are turning red in the morning after sleep. Eye disorders 17-Dec-2013 13:31:32 1
creatinine increased from 1.0 to 1.1 Nephrology 14-Dec-2013 07:19:31 2
Jaw Discomfort Dentistry 12-Dec-2013 15:55:59 2
I had a Catherization and placed 2 DES placed, one in Left Cirx and one in the RAC. It has been over 45 days and I am expercising an hour cardio after a week. I am still feeling the similar Agina even now in a lighter way. How Can I confirm there no issue Cardiac disorders 11-Dec-2013 05:04:20 3
What level of drinking reduces the health risks of alcohol? General Medicine 10-Dec-2013 18:30:03 1
I have piles problem please give me the solution General Surgery 09-Dec-2013 13:19:01 1
After taking interferon can i marry? General Medicine 07-Dec-2013 11:21:54 2
How can I loose belly weight permanently? Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 07-Dec-2013 08:42:55 2
How to prevent Hair loss Skin and subcutaneous disorders 05-Dec-2013 12:18:52 2
How to loss weight General Medicine 04-Dec-2013 20:30:11 1
Is diabetes reversible? Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 30-Nov-2013 18:17:02 1
How to remove pimples on face Others 27-Nov-2013 21:55:01 1
I am trying to eat a vegetarian diet. How can I get the protein that I need? Others 27-Nov-2013 16:00:30 1