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Whether leveling can take along with.. 08-Aug-2016 02:38:48 none
About czema? In Bankura district many people faces the.. 08-Aug-2016 02:09:28 none
My periods are yet to come but my weeding in 3days how should I stop .it may start tonight.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 01:23:26 1
10 year girl having constant stomach pain from two months .Getting severe from evening. Nauseous too... Digestive disorders 08-Aug-2016 00:55:47 1
I had typhoid from which I recovered now. But I am suffering from joints pains highly on knee of legs.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 23:57:36 1
ou my mother is 68.. she had her fibroids operated & uterus removed 17 years before..recently she has.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 23:44:33 1
I am 29 years old lady. I take eltroxcin 100mcg daily since last 4 years. I have endometocyst in my.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 07-Aug-2016 23:38:18 1
i am 32 years male. after 6 days iam suffering chicken foks . after 6 days iam coming office if any.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 23:38:17 1
i am male 32 years iam suffering after 6 days chicken foks . today iam coming office if any risk.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 23:33:10 1
Hi ! Sir, I m suffering from Bilateral cortical swelling in kidney so how can I relief from this.. Nephrology 07-Aug-2016 23:25:26 1
Iam male 39 years, two day back we are playing with rubberbands, unfortunately rubberband stuck in my.. Eye disorders 07-Aug-2016 23:19:33 1
lower back pain left side and testical or hip pain.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 22:54:16 1
There is still bleeding and pain after 5 days taking pregout pills when it will stop plz hlp us.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 21:58:12 1
I am mercy I am I have slight baldness due to alopecia so I am using Mintop 2% solution last one month.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 07-Aug-2016 20:59:51 1
I have effect alcohol reaction last 10 years. now takes 03 pegs in a week. Now again effect to.. 07-Aug-2016 20:52:20 none
I have seen my knech white patches or like white eczema with.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 07-Aug-2016 20:06:24 1
Agar kisi ladki ke sath binaa spurm andar chhode sex kare.. 07-Aug-2016 19:35:57 none
I got my periods on28th june which last till.4th july.after dat i still did not get my periods. I took a.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 19:33:42 1
I have deep acne scars and holes, which ointment is suitable for me to use. Age.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 07-Aug-2016 19:32:28 1
Sir, my mother(50y) has a problem in head since 5 years. She is getting sweating on her left side of.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 19:31:16 1
I have deep acne scars and holes, which ointment is suitable for me to use... Skin and subcutaneous disorders 07-Aug-2016 19:30:43 1
I am male 61. feel pressure on chest while I go for short.. Cardiac disorders 07-Aug-2016 19:28:19 1
i am male 61, feel pressure on chest wsile i go for short.. 07-Aug-2016 19:19:16 none
i used dronis 30 for 9 months..! i put on 8 kgs weight ..! i stoped using dronis since 1 month 10 days.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 07-Aug-2016 19:07:02 1
Sir, my mother has problem in head from 5 years. She has been setting on left side of head and getting.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 18:57:42 1
Iam male, age25 i was kissing a Unknown women and that women was suffering from sexual dicease and iam.. 07-Aug-2016 18:50:00 none
iam kissing a woman and that woman was suffering from sexual dicease and i was afraid because iam.. Allergy & Immunology 07-Aug-2016 18:41:21 1
sir,my wife problem at motion no easy evrey day 2-3 day .. Digestive disorders 07-Aug-2016 18:41:07 1
Hi, I had Calcaneus fracture operation 1 month ago. They fixed the fracture with screws and now i'm.. General Medicine 07-Aug-2016 18:17:07 1
Dear doctor I am 20 years old .. I am getting irregular periods.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 07-Aug-2016 17:01:40 1
My Name is Amrit Verma.I am 21 year old.I had an piles operation before 5 months ago. I feel my head.. Digestive disorders 07-Aug-2016 16:58:50 1
Hai sir / madam sir my name is neha my question is i am check ultrasound and report is no intra extra.. 07-Aug-2016 16:49:17 none
Hai sir / madam sir my name is neha my question is i am check ultrasound and report is.. 07-Aug-2016 16:47:40 none
I am 35 years age I had no children 2 mis-carriage happens. I had endometriosis chocolate cyst. And at.. 07-Aug-2016 15:55:20 none
I am 35 years age I had no children I had both sides endometriosis chocolate cyst. And at present I am.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 15:50:30 1
Sir me urine line block ultra stickchar me advice lezar operation please ask me this very good ya.. Genitourinary disorders 07-Aug-2016 15:45:20 1
sir or mam i wnat to know about my sisiter whats happen with her he is sufferingfrom tuber culosis or.. General Surgery 07-Aug-2016 15:40:57 1
Does homeopathy cure multiple sclerosis. Please suggest best.. Others 07-Aug-2016 15:21:09 1
Suffering from Coccydynia since last 3 years physiotherapy showed improvements, medicines give temporary.. 07-Aug-2016 14:42:33 none
Hi, I have a tooth broken. It's one of the two main front teeth in the upper jaw. The break is of around.. 07-Aug-2016 14:12:36 none
sufferin from ankle pian due to.. 07-Aug-2016 13:41:24 none
I am 21 and 40kg.. i am very thin.... i live in hostl... sometimes it is difficult to arrange milk to.. 07-Aug-2016 13:12:06 none
Personal Details :Name Srikanth, Age 29, Male, UnMarried,Height 180cm, Weight 80kg, No Sugar / BP etc .. 07-Aug-2016 12:52:01 none
Hello, i had mirena coil inserted on monday. something went super wrong as area between vaginal canal.. 07-Aug-2016 12:33:37 none
My Varicose Vein is Blocked in one leg. Any medecines for.. 07-Aug-2016 12:06:04 none
I am a male age of 34 years suffering from erectile.. 07-Aug-2016 11:29:57 none
I am suffering from erectile disfunction from the past 5.. 07-Aug-2016 11:28:35 none
I had protected sex last night. However, the condom broke, come to find out this morning that last night.. 07-Aug-2016 11:01:20 none
I'm 28 year my marriage date is jun 10th 2016 my wife now pregnant with 42 days how it's 07-Aug-2016 10:01:03 none
my wife last period date is may 25th my marriage date is jun 10th 2016 my wife now pregnant with 42 days.. 07-Aug-2016 09:55:45 none