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My father (60) is sufferng from ILD, now he has some breathing problem, Kindly let me know the.. 07-Aug-2016 03:25:31 none
From last six months i am taking aquasol vitamin A capsules 25000 IU three times a day and melabest.. 07-Aug-2016 02:28:33 none
I fall down at swimming pool and my leg is paining now after 3 hours. I am putting ice now but what.. 07-Aug-2016 00:30:30 none
Crina ncr 10mg can be used to delay.. 07-Aug-2016 00:23:40 none
I miss my periods from last two months and suddenly have to go for urin I many times also do urin.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 00:15:38 1
Hi I am suffering pain in neck and feeling numbness In my back when I start walk. Moreover I am a.. 07-Aug-2016 00:12:37 none
Sir mere me 20 year ka hun aur mere Baal safed pad bye aur mere daadi ka Baal bhi safed pad gya sir aap.. 06-Aug-2016 23:45:15 none
sir me 20 year ka hun aur mere baal safed pad gye aur meri daadi ka ek baal bhi safed pad gya sir batao.. 06-Aug-2016 23:43:13 none
hi doctor , im 22 year old , mucus with blood from my left.. 06-Aug-2016 23:42:21 none
Hi sir,Just now my wife take mefristone for abortion she had 7 weeks of pregncy and mispostarl when I.. 06-Aug-2016 22:44:59 none
Sir my testis is hurting since 3 days..i got testis injury due to my underwear...i m 20 years.. 06-Aug-2016 22:33:54 none
Sir my testis is hurting for 3 days i got testis injury by my underwear...plzz.. 06-Aug-2016 22:30:34 none
Can we use astralean 40 my for weight loss.. 06-Aug-2016 21:39:36 none
I hv done my kidney biopsy... Nd its a lot of.. 06-Aug-2016 21:37:10 none
I want to increase my height.My height is 5 feet and I am 20 years old. I want to know that height will.. 06-Aug-2016 21:15:37 none
What is Air line fracture and how to treat these when a patient is suffering from this.. 06-Aug-2016 21:04:17 none
When should i take shilajit gold tablet before having sex.. 1 hour prior or 30 minutes. Pls advise... 06-Aug-2016 20:48:39 none
I am female and have hypothyrodism from last 9 years. my TSH value is 32 i have temperature between 100.. 06-Aug-2016 19:16:10 none
i am male, 31 years, terribly suffering from high fever and ache on the body & head with my nose.. 06-Aug-2016 19:08:21 none
Hi Doctor, I am a girl of 19 years and I have had my periods on 18th of june 2016 and its being 48 days.. 06-Aug-2016 18:59:58 none
i have my diagnostic laproscopy for pcod in july 8 .after my surgery i have little spotted in one.. 06-Aug-2016 18:44:40 none
my son is 9 year old and his weight is 33 KG . He has been operated for the anal fissure and after.. 06-Aug-2016 17:40:46 none
mujhe mere paltu dog ne dant mar diya use anti rabies laga hai mujhe bhi anti rabies ki jarurt.. 06-Aug-2016 17:31:43 none
Hii,i am 24 yrs.I had unprotected sex and my last period date was 21 june,but its delay already 16 days.. Gynaecological conditions 06-Aug-2016 17:26:40 1
I am a overflow incontinence patient and I want to build muscle can I take protein and protein.. 06-Aug-2016 17:09:09 none
Doctor, I have masturbated too many times in 6-7 years. Now, I feel too much weakness, I am 23 year old.. 06-Aug-2016 16:47:54 none
hi doctor i am suffering with low sperm.. 06-Aug-2016 16:43:28 none
my wife have Right Ear problem. Yellow type lequied have sown in the.. 06-Aug-2016 16:40:41 none
Iam 17, male ,uncircumscribed. My glans is losing its reddish pink colour and it's becoming greyish. It.. 06-Aug-2016 16:02:19 none
I take formonide 400 for asthma from last 8 months but off late I getting muscle cramps and pains on my.. 06-Aug-2016 15:36:29 none
sir, i am 21 years old weight - 46 kg. want to gain some weight can i eat protinex.. 06-Aug-2016 15:28:26 none
I am male 30 year old , history of abdominal Tb , taken complete course, recently again I had got.. 06-Aug-2016 14:57:37 none
dear doctor i m 32 year old - agar ham sex karte samay suk kare aur liquid muh me jaye to kuch .. 06-Aug-2016 14:40:58 none
Hi.. 06-Aug-2016 14:38:01 none
I m a female age 25 I had used skinlite cream for 2years and as now i have stoped using it my skin has.. 06-Aug-2016 14:35:00 none
I m 21 years old.... My head is aching, body join are pain, high fever, eyes are paining, yesterday.. General Medicine 06-Aug-2016 13:53:46 1
Hi, I'm ashrafuzzaman from Bangladesh. Recently, I had an accident and I lost vision of my right eye... 06-Aug-2016 13:51:38 none
I am male (40)l am suffering from leg knee pain , please tell me what can l do for.. Orthopedics 06-Aug-2016 13:25:21 1
my wife is pregnet sonography report is " The uterus is enlarged and show presence of gestational sac of.. 06-Aug-2016 12:25:47 none
iam male 23, i was affected to bells palsy last month, now evrything was set right, still using aztor.. 06-Aug-2016 10:56:42 none
sir, i had taken a drop of rose water in my eyes and risen with water from then i m feeling some pain in.. 06-Aug-2016 10:48:59 none
Can you grow or enlarge penis size I have read a it of articles and nothing is helping.. 06-Aug-2016 10:34:50 none
Hello docter mera naam sonika h or mujhe 2 saal hone waale h mera pait baar baar kharaab ho jaata h .. 06-Aug-2016 09:41:11 none
sir,i am a breastfeeding mother, baby age-4 months, my first period after delivery was 29 jul 16. i had.. 06-Aug-2016 09:30:29 none
sir,I am a breastfeeding mother, baby age-4 months, my first period after delivery was on 29 jul 16. i.. 06-Aug-2016 09:21:37 none
I am male ,36 years old.have a toe nail infection.what i need to do to get rid of.. 06-Aug-2016 07:47:28 none
i have biliuribin level of 3.7. How to reduce drastically? i was a alcholic but now.. 06-Aug-2016 07:02:31 none
M8LD to medium Stomach pain for past 36 hrs, taken 2 tab metrogyl 400 and 1 tab rabeprozole last night.. 06-Aug-2016 05:59:50 none
Since 2 days suffering from fever,2 times calpol is also been taken but right now hands and face is.. 06-Aug-2016 05:09:03 none
i have a wart on my face and 10-12 black marks(telllll) on my face.I want to remove both.What do i.. 06-Aug-2016 04:38:31 none