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I had dirt patches on the toes the would never come off so when I scrubbed my feet so I took a razor and.. 06-Aug-2016 03:52:53 none
body is paining.. jst as like a muscle breaking.... 06-Aug-2016 02:49:06 none
my father 68 years old suffered with blood vomit last 5 days back and admitted in ICU. Heart report.. 06-Aug-2016 01:26:15 none
I suffered from clotting & bleeding after my periods. My doc gave me trenostat n advised me to go for.. 06-Aug-2016 00:00:06 none
I had an risky exposure with an lady 10 months before..I had gone through an couple of blood check up.. 05-Aug-2016 23:59:19 none
My mother got right knee replacement surgery on 2-4-2016. After that knee got infected. Now antibiotic.. 05-Aug-2016 23:42:23 none
Suffering from body pain with light red discharge once y is tis.. 05-Aug-2016 23:21:00 none
hi..i am 5 month pregnant women my recent ultrasound report mention that my placenta is anterior but not.. 05-Aug-2016 23:20:59 none
hi doctor tis is priya wanted to know y tis is happening i got red light.. 05-Aug-2016 23:19:14 none
I am 36.5 weeks pregnant(FTM) having RH -ve and my husband RH ve . Gyne have given me anti D dose during.. 05-Aug-2016 22:43:57 none
Hi doctor, I m suffering from foot pain four almost two weeks now, the pain gets aggravated when I walk,.. 05-Aug-2016 22:41:41 none
I am facing hair loss on one of the eyebrows. Please.. 05-Aug-2016 22:36:42 none
I have tiny needle point in different spots looks busted when i woke up oozing out clear liquids ...... 05-Aug-2016 22:19:08 none
sir meanings of esr 35mm in girl for 21 year.. 05-Aug-2016 22:13:55 none
Breif about breast cancer to 80 ladies who r working in a.. 05-Aug-2016 22:05:03 none
My ear has been stopped up and leaking a clear off white color fluid for over a month. What can I do to.. 05-Aug-2016 21:38:58 none
i had unprotected sex before 1 day of my.. 05-Aug-2016 21:07:06 none
testis problem. hi my name is javeed my age is 34 i have azoospermia problem TB has been attacked on my.. 05-Aug-2016 20:18:27 none
time gap between abdominal myomectomy and.. 05-Aug-2016 19:33:23 none
My wife age is 25.recently she is suffering from sinus.we visited a doctor and get some test.HIV tri dot.. 05-Aug-2016 19:26:17 none
I am 25 year old female , unmarried, i use to get masterbated during sleep and that to 20- 25 date of .. 05-Aug-2016 18:43:51 none
My baby dilivery in last 15 day s back last night have a sex so any.. 05-Aug-2016 18:41:31 none
Femail baby three year.urin of that baby always dropping but she regularly passing urin time to time.. 05-Aug-2016 18:31:28 none
I am a female, age 31 gone through abortion 14 days back, a small tissue is left, please.. 05-Aug-2016 18:16:31 none
I am pratap, i am 25 years old, i have some problem, some yellow liquid is leaking from my anus from 1.5.. 05-Aug-2016 18:11:50 none
hi, i am 31 years old female gone through an abortion 14 days back, some tissues are left in uterus,.. 05-Aug-2016 18:10:53 none
I have a dark spots issue which above to the cheeks and both asides of my nose. I tried MELACARE cream... 05-Aug-2016 18:07:51 none
hi i am a male age of 21 years..suffering from chronic unilateral maxillary sinusitis with hypertrophy.. 05-Aug-2016 17:51:11 none
sir, i am 21 years old my weight is 45kg. i feel some weakness in my body can i eat.. 05-Aug-2016 17:42:26 none
for what purpose dompan applying by.. 05-Aug-2016 17:02:19 none
sir my mother has a problem of heart i need ur.. 05-Aug-2016 16:43:29 none
m 21 year old female .. i had sex without protection with my fiance . i also took i pill next dat but.. 05-Aug-2016 16:18:53 none
I want to know information regarding to better treatment for STEVEN JOHNSON'S.. 05-Aug-2016 16:15:39 none
Sir I am 22 years young boy. mujhe takat ka injection ka naam bataye.. 05-Aug-2016 15:53:57 none
I am a heart patient 52 yr old and had 2 stents insert 2 yrs back but now my tmt shows the result.. 05-Aug-2016 15:43:58 none
I am female 56 , sometimes i get blood from my back , on that day i get headache also. Normally i never.. 05-Aug-2016 15:42:07 none
how critical is my fracture?plz give me the ans as well as possible.. 05-Aug-2016 15:40:25 none
27yrs old, pregnancy confirmed as 6weeks 5days, Doppler scan was taken before 2days, doc said as the.. 05-Aug-2016 15:32:41 none
i am 22yrs old girl. i have got pimple on cheek near lips. i applied ice on it and it starts to bleed... 05-Aug-2016 15:32:08 none
My mummy admitted in hospital for in lung's water came now doctor saying for.. 05-Aug-2016 15:16:50 none
is there any medicine for muscle pain ?my mom was seriously in a bad situation that she was unable to.. 05-Aug-2016 15:06:57 none
i had sex first time without protection with my fiance... i had i-pill next day.. m worried if m.. 05-Aug-2016 15:03:04 none
Homogeneously reduced echotexture of liver in ultrasound.Total bilirubin 3 and direct 0.7..SGPT.. 05-Aug-2016 14:53:03 none
I have a question about birth control and sex. I would ask my doctor but he is not open on fridays and i.. 05-Aug-2016 14:51:58 none
I have taken norlut n for 4 days once a day. I want to know how long it will get.. 05-Aug-2016 14:27:22 none
I am 30 yrs old having severe gas. I take radipan 40 and reflux forte syrup but not working... after.. 05-Aug-2016 14:18:29 none
for the past 3 weeks, I feel this unusual sensation in the lower part of my throat close to the neck,.. 05-Aug-2016 14:01:36 none
Hi doctor M manpreet .. m 26 year old M trying to concive since 1 year but no Luck I take a.. 05-Aug-2016 13:40:08 none
Hi doctor M manpreet .. m 26 year old M trying to concive since 1 year but no Luck I take a.. 05-Aug-2016 13:38:57 none
hi sir muje nind bht aati hai eyes band krta hu toh sir bhari hota h kbhi kbhi bechaini bhi rehti h 2-3.. 05-Aug-2016 13:37:10 none