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i am 21,male suffering from high anxiety during college presentations,so can u suggest me pills for.. General Medicine 05-Aug-2016 13:29:40 2
Hi, i am Marvin i am suffering from skin problem, it look like some boil or something intial stage it.. 05-Aug-2016 13:29:02 none
I am 18 years old and i have a unprotected sex on 21st june, now i missed my periods but this is not the.. 05-Aug-2016 13:12:25 none
Hi, I am Preeti, a 45 yr old lady and my weight is 70 kg. I want to tell you that I am suffering from.. 05-Aug-2016 13:09:59 none
What happened to me? ECG reports and the doctor suggested to consult.. 05-Aug-2016 13:02:53 none
Hi Doctor, I am 25 year old male and recently had a CBC test. I am physically fit and there are no.. 05-Aug-2016 12:50:24 none
Hey , i want to grow hair on my face. I am 20 year old and still i have very less hair on my.. 05-Aug-2016 12:42:21 none
I am a female .my age is 38 I was married 13 months back but not yet concieved i dont have problems.. 05-Aug-2016 12:39:15 none
I am 20 years old male and from the last 2 days i noticed white swollen in my gums which is having.. 05-Aug-2016 11:47:04 none
Is it third ceserian is safe for women in 33.. 05-Aug-2016 11:31:42 none
Is it ceserian is safe for women in 33.. 05-Aug-2016 11:30:02 none
How do I lose weights . Without diet as . My time table is not.. 05-Aug-2016 10:56:51 none
sir,I stay in my friend's home at night.But i don't know he was gay.he suck my penis until I wake up... 05-Aug-2016 10:56:35 none
my face and hands are dark plz suggest me skin whitening cream.. 05-Aug-2016 08:56:05 none
Dear Doctor, I am diabetic and having below mentioned problem since last 2 weeks on my penis, i am.. 05-Aug-2016 08:44:16 none
I m a female, 19, I did a pregnancy test today morning and the results were positive I don't want to go.. 05-Aug-2016 08:34:53 none
I m pregnant but I want an abortion without seeing a doc what should I do.. 05-Aug-2016 08:32:55 none
What does it mean when the bones and joints in your ankle are not.. 05-Aug-2016 08:29:32 none
I have a bad toothache bur have cipro feom 2 months ago. I am wondering if i take it, will it help with.. 05-Aug-2016 08:18:20 none
hi doctor.i had unprotrcted sex on 17th July.i had dates were expected on 4th august.but i got.. 05-Aug-2016 08:07:12 none
I have taken 4 std test and hiv and all came out negative but I still urinate with a slight burn. It.. 05-Aug-2016 07:17:25 none
my brother is 15, feeling nauseous. He ate 12 iron supplement pills (170 mg of elemental iron) will he.. 05-Aug-2016 04:41:57 none
Hi docter my last month period is on 24 july ijust want to know 3 days before ovulation mean wen should.. 05-Aug-2016 01:25:08 none
I am 25year male.past two days I can't breathe normally.when I inteke air very rough and tight.. 05-Aug-2016 00:42:27 none
I am 44 years old I am suffering from gas problem can I take pan d tablet now with out any doctor.. 05-Aug-2016 00:30:56 none
What are the chances of getting pregnent if the guy ejaculates near( outside) my.. 05-Aug-2016 00:23:03 none
hello frnd is female and she is sufering from.. General Surgery 04-Aug-2016 23:42:12 1
Hello doctor, my nephew(7-year-old) is suffering from Steven Johnson's Syndrome for last 15 days.I want.. Others 04-Aug-2016 23:25:36 1
after IUI I am feeling high lower abdominal pain. please suggest medicine to release with.. Pregnancy & child birth 04-Aug-2016 23:02:12 1
çt scan report show Patchy consolidation in lungs and b/l plural effusion. It's increase day by day .. General Medicine 04-Aug-2016 22:34:50 1
I m female 32., suffering from tonsel since last 2 has suggested to operate.pls guide me or.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 22:23:35 1
14 years old, doing Athletics training and looking to get whey protein. Went to doctors just to consult.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 04-Aug-2016 22:19:12 1
Solutions for Swelling on ankle without any injury and report of increased level of ESR upto 12 being.. General Medicine 04-Aug-2016 22:09:38 1
My motber is advised to get microscopic surgery for lumbar disc she is about 74 years old and diabetic.. Nervous system disorders 04-Aug-2016 22:05:38 1
My father GGT level is high-92.6 And ALKALINE PHOSPHATASA Level is-129.35 what I do to make it normal.. Others 04-Aug-2016 21:22:02 1
My newborn was advised to take ossopan d 5ml twice a day along with Health OK drops and A-Zdrops? Why.. Paediatrics 04-Aug-2016 21:13:23 1
Why is my newborn advices to take 5ml ossopan d twice a day along with health OK drops and A-Z.. Paediatrics 04-Aug-2016 21:10:04 1
widal test normal range why please tell me answer sir.. Infectious disorders 04-Aug-2016 20:35:11 1
I am 31 year old female, done FSH/LH tests on second day of the period. Here are the results - FSH: 8.11.. Gynaecological conditions 04-Aug-2016 20:32:07 1
Hi, My son of 3 years having stomach problem, today undergone a stool test Below is the report Quantity.. Infectious disorders 04-Aug-2016 20:02:32 1
hi I am daniel, Male 37, weight 77 kg. Today I did liver function test. Results shows as below(.. General Medicine 04-Aug-2016 19:59:54 1
sir mere hath ke ungli me sujan aur dard hai.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 04-Aug-2016 19:08:05 1
sir,i take five vaccine of rabies. can u tell me how long time i did not need to repeat the.. Infectious disorders 04-Aug-2016 18:45:30 1
swollen face and throat with numbness when tired or effort done and hard breathing what can be the cause.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 18:26:09 1
Hello Sir. I am having my ears blocked for last 15 days,resulting to that I have slight loss of hearing... ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 18:13:28 none
i had sex on 13 may n then i took i pill the next day i had withdrawal bleed on 24 june n my periods.. Gynaecological conditions 04-Aug-2016 17:30:50 1
my wife is pregnet sonography report is " The uterus is enlarged and show presence of gestational sac of.. Pregnancy & child birth 04-Aug-2016 15:55:46 1
Hi. My face have a so many pimples . i have a alliance on next week . any way to remove the pimple in.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 04-Aug-2016 15:39:23 1
I have schizophrenia. I need help because I am not able to express my pain... Psychiatry 04-Aug-2016 15:17:14 1
I had pain on my testicle only if i got a liitle hit. No swelling nothing. Only pain when some hardly.. General Surgery 04-Aug-2016 15:04:10 1