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Hello Doctor, I am Hariom and I am 23 year old . I am suffering from dandruff kind problem from last one.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 04-Aug-2016 14:51:27 1
please tell me, telma40 and amchek 5mg both medicine are given for 64 yrs highblood pressure.. Cardiac disorders 04-Aug-2016 14:00:57 1
how to stop d acne prblm homemade wit home.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 04-Aug-2016 14:00:02 1
please tell me that, high blood pressure patient are given amcheck 5 mg and telma40 both?.. Cardiac disorders 04-Aug-2016 13:57:53 2
i m female 26 age now i have one baby now he is 2.3 years but now i want the stop breastfeeding please.. Pregnancy & child birth 04-Aug-2016 13:55:35 1
hlo Sir, Mam i hv a ques for my mom my mom a diabtic paitent and her shoulder pain is began in another.. Orthopedics 04-Aug-2016 13:51:31 1
i am vijay patil from mumbai.would like to ask about my daughter surgery for spinal about neurosurgeon .. Others 04-Aug-2016 13:45:31 1
after cmpltng my full course of rabies vaccine 5 shots there is a regular headch in my half of the left.. Others 04-Aug-2016 12:30:21 3
I get frequent bouts of acute rhinitis / sinusitis., the medications I generally take is.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 12:21:13 1
i am 23 year old my periods date is 3 of month but this month i want to prepone my period as fast.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 04-Aug-2016 11:41:54 1
i am female age 26, i having high fever but after taking medicine from BMS doctor it went low but after.. General Medicine 04-Aug-2016 10:06:51 1
Hello - I have a doctors appointment scheduled because I have been getting extreme headaches that.. 04-Aug-2016 00:58:20 none
I twist my ankle & injured myself while playing football. X-Rays reveal no fracture but the swelling has.. Others 03-Aug-2016 23:52:58 1
I am confused about my chest pain is it is angina or.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 23:27:35 1
I have angina or not. I am confused. Please tell me why my chest pain in right.. 03-Aug-2016 23:25:54 none
Hello Doctor, sir/madam, my question to you is, there are some cysts in my wife vagina? Is it normal?.. Genetic disorders 03-Aug-2016 23:17:42 1
I am 36yrs can reduce alanine aminotransferse serum.. Digestive disorders 03-Aug-2016 23:03:58 1
how to reduce alanine aminotransferase serum.. 03-Aug-2016 21:55:19 none
I have a school assignment. So i am supposed to ask a doctor regarding specific disease. My disease is.. 03-Aug-2016 21:15:24 none
Doctor I have line on my stomach I just want to I'm I pregnant or not since I got this line I'm not.. 03-Aug-2016 20:59:30 none
sir my mom has been affected by breating problom...she faces diffticuly while breathing and during each.. 03-Aug-2016 20:00:47 none
My gf period start 11th july, We have sex on 31th july, Condom broke when intercourse, But i do not.. 03-Aug-2016 19:36:43 none
My name is Krysha I hve been suffering from asthma since childhood and now I have been getting a lot of.. Respiratory disorders 03-Aug-2016 19:03:53 1
My mother test age 65 Sgot (AST) 45 Sgpt (alt) 62 Blood glucose fasting 206 Blood glucose post prandial.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 18:44:43 1
Sir, I continue to have mucus in the mouth a little.. 03-Aug-2016 18:17:59 none
I am suffering from hyper tension and even after medication it is 160/110.After ultra sound i was.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 18:11:18 1
Is it okay to take isotretinoin for long time? What are its serious side effects?.. 03-Aug-2016 18:10:54 none
Sir mari bibi ke 5month ke pragnet hi ur uska bachedani ka mu khul gya hi pani jyda aaraha hi ky karu.. 03-Aug-2016 17:39:06 none
Hi, I am suffering from urinary symptoms for past one month. I tried with Delbi-O and Baloforce and it.. Nephrology 03-Aug-2016 17:31:27 1
I am male 25 suffreing from ocd I want a treatment.. Psychiatry 03-Aug-2016 17:30:43 1
i am kalai age 21 last day lightly pain left chest and cure what reason come.. 03-Aug-2016 16:45:08 none
My baby is 9 months old and having 99 degree fever can i give noblock syrup? Or suggest any other syrup.. 03-Aug-2016 16:40:35 none
Difference between fatty liver grade 1 and Fatty liver in ultra sound.. 03-Aug-2016 16:39:55 none
Before 6 months I was having frequent urination and getting thirsty . It was continued for 1 months and.. 03-Aug-2016 16:38:54 none
I'm 18yrs old and having spectacles 5.5+ power, So I'm considering LASIK treatment for removal of spec,.. 03-Aug-2016 16:00:11 none
can I use susten 200 without asking doc? I ferl I mightve conceived. my period due date is a but far.. 03-Aug-2016 15:24:41 none
Me and my boyfriend made sex first time but he wored 2 condoms but it's not leaked so is there any.. Pregnancy & child birth 03-Aug-2016 14:47:23 1
AM 41 YEARS OLD. I had heart attack on 11/ 7/2016. For which my heart was stop for few seconds. And I.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 14:35:48 1
My ESR 60 in blood test but now i am pregnant,what effect on.. 03-Aug-2016 14:26:55 none
I am suffering from stomach pain and loose motion little bit of body ache What medicine should be.. 03-Aug-2016 14:11:49 none
I am suffering from stomach pain and loose motion little bit of body ache What medicine should be taken.. 03-Aug-2016 14:11:07 none
am in early pregnancy .. my last period was on 5th of july .. and i just forgot to tell the doctor that.. Gynaecological conditions 03-Aug-2016 13:45:11 1
Sir, on 21/5/16 I went through the kidney stone surgery. The stone blocked the uretic area. The doctor.. 03-Aug-2016 13:18:35 1
Hello Dr. Mera Nam tabbsumhai hai me Nagpur Maharashtra ki hu mera swal mere ma ke liye hai unki umar 52.. Digestive disorders 03-Aug-2016 13:06:50 1
I just concieved one mnth pregnent bt my sugar is high 262 then i am confused that pregnancy should be.. 03-Aug-2016 12:58:44 none
Hi, Actually I am worried about my grandmother that she has a breast pain when it is touched or pumped.. 03-Aug-2016 12:56:46 none
i am male,16 i am suffering from thin ,my weight is 40kg . so now what i do to fit body.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 03-Aug-2016 12:49:04 1
Hii...I am female..I have eye burning problem n headche problem for 1 year..and i also somtimes have.. 03-Aug-2016 12:45:59 none
Hello Dr.,I have eye burning problem and sometimes i have headche.. 03-Aug-2016 12:41:08 none
Hello Sir, Myself Prem chand of 25y age and I'm a male. I'm facing little numbness to my left side of.. 03-Aug-2016 12:29:28 none