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do braces raise teeth out of the gum alittle during the process to fix teeth? Dentistry 25-Jun-2014 17:34:13 1
testicular lump Others 25-Jun-2014 23:38:08 1
hello , My husband don't eject precum during sex. is it normal or not or if it'll affect me in pregnancy 26-Jun-2014 00:28:24 1
I had a top molar extracted yesterday. I'm still having extreme jaw pain and yellow colored gum around extraction site Dentistry 26-Jun-2014 06:54:29 1
I smoked Marijuana two months ago, and I had a urinary drug test yesterday. Will I pass? 26-Jun-2014 11:38:40 2
why am I bleeding but not on period Blood disorders 26-Jun-2014 13:25:26 1
anxiety 26-Jun-2014 21:29:04 2
could I still be pregnant 27-Jun-2014 01:31:58 1
hi doctor. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jun-2014 04:12:06 1
how do I know if I tore something in my knee Others 27-Jun-2014 07:04:05 1
anxiety or brain anaryseum/tumor 27-Jun-2014 07:57:41 1
anal fissures General Surgery 27-Jun-2014 08:18:44 2
penis bubble? 27-Jun-2014 09:53:37 1
did i tear something 27-Jun-2014 12:28:22 1
testicular cyst apprently 27-Jun-2014 14:15:53 1
my girlfriends got dime sized lumps by her groin they hurt to the touch, and about 2 inches up from her vagina, there's one on each side, what is this? 27-Jun-2014 15:48:20 1
how long until my birth control is in affect? Others 27-Jun-2014 21:40:08 1
can I start trying again? is there risks for the baby or me? Pregnancy & child birth 28-Jun-2014 01:46:53 1
I get a rush on my chest everyday. it comes and goes randomly and I can't even feel it. My chest just turns immediately red and after a few minutes goes back to normal Allergy & Immunology 28-Jun-2014 07:09:15 1
sunscreen 28-Jun-2014 08:06:29 1
I've had digestive problems these past few weeks? Digestive disorders 28-Jun-2014 09:48:38 1
what could this be? General Medicine 28-Jun-2014 10:02:14 1
knee buckling X-rays and mri's normal 28-Jun-2014 15:21:35 1
will cycling affect my height to increase more??? 29-Jun-2014 00:37:10 1
about vagina Pregnancy & child birth 29-Jun-2014 03:13:06 2
i need help to determine this problem 29-Jun-2014 06:07:06 1
I've had my period twice in three weeks because first I forgot the pill for one day an then because I took it late one day. it stoppe wensday and started today again. how dangerous is that and why does it happen so fast? Gynaecological conditions 29-Jun-2014 08:26:36 2
I have a tooth that like somewhat stings when I bite down on it. it's towards he back molars 29-Jun-2014 20:10:44 1
sunscreen 29-Jun-2014 23:28:10 1
How can I gain weight? Others 30-Jun-2014 02:04:34 1
what can i do about my spotting after my tl? 30-Jun-2014 02:51:05 1
anxiety or is it a brain tumor or anaryseum 30-Jun-2014 03:21:24 1
anal itching 30-Jun-2014 10:02:38 1
My anal is bleeding and I have black diarrhea. I was just recently diagnosed with cellulitis and have been on strong antibiotics, could this me the cause? Please advise. 30-Jun-2014 10:20:30 1
I have had dierrea stomach pain my anus burns and is bleeding when I have a bowell movement not sure what to do 30-Jun-2014 10:30:45 1
Running nose problem at the time of eating food ENT disorders 30-Jun-2014 10:57:36 1
Vertigo and Tinitus ENT disorders 30-Jun-2014 16:30:38 1
my muscles cramp up General Medicine 01-Jul-2014 00:57:07 1
what can I do to this? Allergy & Immunology 01-Jul-2014 01:10:36 1
flank pain 01-Jul-2014 06:12:53 1
palpitation 01-Jul-2014 06:21:35 1
Thyroid Pregnancy & child birth 01-Jul-2014 12:35:38 1
Spread my teeth when blood comes out of my mouth why 01-Jul-2014 15:31:41 1
severe headache 01-Jul-2014 18:55:45 1
What treatment is needed for Neumonia ? I am told Lymph nodes on either side have swollen. Treated with heavy antibiotics last year. Also took one vaccination in form injuction . Whatever Type OF testisi do YOU recommend before visiting A Doctor? 01-Jul-2014 19:14:02 2
gum pulling away from tooth Dentistry 01-Jul-2014 21:01:09 1
not sure what to do 02-Jul-2014 00:04:10 1
my urine was burning awhile back and I didn't do nothing about it and it's starting to get a lot better. I get fatigue and I overheat real fast a lot. do u know what is going on? 02-Jul-2014 02:35:21 1
abdominal pain. Others 02-Jul-2014 06:48:19 1
yesterday my blood pressure shown 140/97 02-Jul-2014 12:13:45 1