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  • The Swine Flu Remedy with Homeopathy

    Swine Flu is a respiratory disease caused by the Influenza virus H1N1 strain which affects the respiratory tract of the pigs. The virus was accidentally transmitted to humans in Mexico in 2009 and...
    19/02/2015 by Dr.
  • Homeopathic Treatment For Infertility in Females

      Infertility in females has been giving sleepless nights to humanity at large. Naturally man devised many treatments to fight this disorder. In the conventional or allopathic treatment of female...
    19/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Homeopathy Medication for Various Fevers

    Elevated body temperature (fever) is often a sign of infection in the body. Fever is indicated by raised body temperature above the normal level ie. 98.6 F (37°C).  However, slightly raised body...
    10/12/2014 by Dr.
  • Allergic Rhinitis and Homeopathy

    Allergic rhinitis is a reaction to airborne particles (allergens) that primarily affect the nose and eyes. There are two types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and...
    04/12/2014 by Dr.
  • Homoeopathy Remedy for Cough

    As we enter the winter season, contracting cough and cold are almost inevitable. There are different types of coughs that one may suffer from. However, excessive coughing may signify severe clinical...
    29/11/2014 by Dr.
  • Homeopathic Treatment for Gall Stones

    Introduction: Gallstones refer to the accumulation of cholesterol and some other pigments like bilirubin in the gallbladder forming a stone. Based on the composition, gallstone can be of either type...
    12/11/2014 by Dr.
  • Asthma : Homeopathic Treatment

    Asthma is a common condition affecting almost 5 percent of the world's population. It refers to an inflammation of the airways (bronchial tubes) causing excess secretion of mucus, which narrows the...
    07/11/2014 by Dr.
  • Treating PCOD with Homeopathy

    Of the many health issues plaguing women today, Polycystic Ovarian Disease is one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting them. About 10-15 percent women, who are in their reproductive...
    12/03/2014 by Dr.
  • Addressing Vitiligo with Homeopathy

    Vitiligo is a condition that causes de-pigmention of a portion of skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function properly.  Signs and...
    10/03/2014 by Dr.
  • Treating Piles with Homeopathy

    In today’s fast-paced world, irregular eating habits and odd sleeping hours causes many health disorders. ‘Piles’ is one of the frequently occurring health-related issues in men and women between...
    21/01/2014 by Dr.