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  • Immunity and Neurology: Role of Yoga

    The connection between neurological function and immunity was neglected area of search. It was the official view that there is no connection between the two in spite of the fact that many...
    23/05/2016 by Dr.
  • Yoga for Back Pain - Success Story

    A true success story of back pain with Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy at Arogyadhama, S-VYASA University, Bangalore, written by Dr. Pooja More & Mr. Kishor Satish Kumar (name changed) was...
    04/05/2016 by Dr.
  • A Fresh Lease of Life: CKD Success Story with Yoga Therapy

    "A fresh lease of life - report by a patient who refused to go in for dialysis in spite of counseling and request by our medical director Dr. R Nagarathna and continues to improve remarkably"  - Sri...
    28/04/2016 by Dr.
  • PCOS with Dysmenorrhoea with Polyarthragia

    The following is a true success story of a lady who suffered from PCOS associated with dysmenorrhea and polyarthralgia and improved significantly post the Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT)...
    25/04/2016 by Dr.
  • Top 5 Beauty Enhancing Yoga Tips

    Yoga is one of the well-known ancient practices of Ayurveda, whose main interest is the well being of an individual. You can now enhance your beauty through yoga. You will be amazed to know that...
    09/03/2016 by Dr.
  • Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story with Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

    Ulcerative Colitis or inflammatory bowel disease of Mrs Surekha (name changed) was so severe that she had to be hospitalized. That was in January 2014 at age 48. She was then put on steroids for...
    05/03/2016 by Dr.
  • Success Story of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy - First Pregnancy (Primi Gravida)

    Primi Gravida with 5 months of Gestation (First Pregnancy) -  A success story from Yog Sudha (Newsletter), S-VYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) University  Ramya (name changed), a...
    02/03/2016 by Dr.
  • Nudity vs. Spirituality: Top 10 Benefits of Nude Yoga

    "Self-consciousness is not knowledge but a story one tells about oneself"- Simone De Beauvoir Yoga is a practice that liberates people from their entanglements and takes them to the next level of...
    01/03/2016 by Dr.
  • Top 7 Health Benefits of Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose

    Dhanurasana yoga pose resembles a bow and hence it is also called as 'Bow Pose' yoga. The word dhanurasana is made of two words: Dhanur, means 'bow' and Asana indicates a Yoga pose. This is one of...
    29/02/2016 by Dr.
  • Top 5 Yoga Positions To Keep Menstrual Cramps at Bay

    Menstrual cycles! It's one of the most painful episodes for most women. When they first heard their biology teacher explain about that "little discomfort" during periods, little did they know the...
    25/02/2016 by Dr.