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i started suffering from anxiety in 2009 , I had few panic attacks too , in 2012 I started to experience weird symptoms in my stomach such as pain under the left ribs and very intense hunger during the day . I was worried and I begun to eat something when this was happening , like a banana or bread . I was a professional triathlete and I never had weight issues but the amount of food I needed became always bigger to stop the hunger .. and in 1.5 years I gained 45 kilograms . I underwent a gastroscopy ( February 2013 ) when I was not obese and the result was almost normal , light gastritis , little hernia and no helicobacter . blood tests were always ok but now my liver enzimes are a bit high , my blood pressure too ( 90-140 ) , glicemy seems still ok. the problem is that all the symptoms are getting worse , I ve hunger pains and compulsive hunger , pain under the left ribs after meals ( where the spleen is ) and my intestine is not fine , I guess something like IBS and I also notice not digested food in stools, the hernia must got worse too cause on full stomach I can't bend and I feel like a bowling ball inside . I tried many meds such as PPI , antispasmodics .. I'm still on xanax . they want me on antidepressants but I'm worried about it cause of side effects . I don't know if I need to repeat the gastroscopy , I'm scared I have an ulcer or something , i know it can cause hunger attacks . I had many ultrasounds ( last on march ) done , always normal. thanks in advance 178 cm ( 5.9') 127 kg male 43 years old - Asked by a b on 27-Jul-2014 00:44:57

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Replied by a b on 27-Jul-2014 14:43:37

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    Answered by Dr. Dasari Navya Teja on 28-Jul-2014 11:34:58


    All the symptoms you were mentioning are related the sudden weight gain you had. As per the height and weight measurements you gave BMI goes around 40 kg/m2. Obesity is the risk factor for high blood pressure, oesophageal hernia you mentioned. To cope with your depression start medication and go for counselling otherwise this goes as persistent cycle that with depression you eat more gain weight and symptoms increase with this and never come down with medications alone. Once if you can come back to your normal BMI most of the symptoms will reduce in severity and can be treated with good results then. please see a psychiatrist asap.

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