Ask A Doctor - About 3 years ago I have done the NSV (Nasbandhi) Vasectomy for some critical reason but I want child now, so I want to repair it or remove it, can I repair the NSV vasectomy? Or Can I get the ability of child again? Please send me the guidelines now. - DesiMD Healthcare Services


My age is 35 and my sex is male - Asked by a n on 25-Nov-2015 17:17:16

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    Answered by Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna K on 25-Nov-2015 20:49:17

    Vasectomy reversal restores sperm production in about 80 - 90% of men. On average, about 50% of couples achieve a pregnancy within 1 - 2 years after reversal surgery. Microsurgical techniques appear to help produce higher quality grade of sperm and better pregnancy rates than macrosurgical techniques. Several other factors determine the likelihood of a successful outcome. The experience of the surgeon is one critical factor. the cut ends of the vas deferens can be surgically reattached. However, does not guarantee a return to fertility. Vasectomy reversal appears to be more successful if performed within 10 years of the vasectomy, but again, there is no guarantee that fertility will be restored. Vasectomy should therefore be considered a permanent procedure. 

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