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AM 41 YEARS OLD. I had heart attack on 11/ 7/2016. For which my heart was stop for few seconds. And I had inserted three stents on 12/7/2016. And my discharge was on 16/7/2016. And DISCHARGE diagnosis was as under : CAD : EXTENSIVE AWMI THROMBOLYSED SEVERE LV DYSFUNCTION I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WEATHER THIS IS CURABLE 100% . OR WILL I CAN FACE MORE PROBLEMS. AND HOW MUCH MY LIFE IS SAFE. - Asked by s x on 03-Aug-2016 14:35:48

Answer Count: 1    Disorder Type: Cardiac disorders
  • Answered by Dr. on 03-Aug-2016 15:44:55

    You have not mention what  are the medicines R going on with you. in allopathy not less than four medicine to be continued throghout life. i my self have been experinced such situation since 2003 to 2011 being an specialised homoeopath. i have started my treatment by self after making a through case taking from foot's nail to head's hair. Now My allopathy medicine reduced to one and i am almost free.

    in your case i suggest  you to come down to me as you R so young, still you have to live 60yrs.

    100% cure shall not be possible as three pc of foreign body has already been inserted in your body as we repair torned cloth

    but i can assure you about healthy life by continueing homoeo medicine atleast two yearwhich simaltaniously reduce the chemical intake to protect yout other which may affect incontinuance of allopathy medicines like gastrities,renal problem.

    so should go to homoeopathy for rest of life otherwise after 6/7 yrs you will again undergo Angioplasty as mine.


    1.Club Moss-200/16 Dose

    2 drops in 100 ml Aqua dista with 30 drops RS x 16 bottle

    take a bottle every day in empty stomach x16 day


    Thirty drop twice daily

    Take BP note every day as a chart and reduce the dose of allopathic pressure drugs.

    Report after a month in person to make an individualised case record to avoid future problem



    Kolkata only

    See Disclaimer
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