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My name is christina Luckett I've had a boil for around 4 months now it comes and goes its very concerning to me because the are around it for about 3 inches all around the boil is numb I'm not sure what to do the dr told me not to worry that it will go away its on my liver right side on my belly - Asked by C L on 05-Nov-2014 05:28:43

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Replied by C L on 05-Nov-2014 05:29:21


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    Answered by Dr. Ramya Smitha on 05-Nov-2014 10:32:27


    If the boil is painful and filled with pus then it need to be drained and a full course of antibiotic should be taken. Tab Ciprofloxacin 500mg twice daily after food for 7 days would be the course . For Pain You can take Diclofenac or Aceclofenac twice daily .

    If it is a swelling and if is painless you can wait and watch as it could be a lipoma which can be removed for cosmetic  reasons.  

    You can meet a General Surgeon for further doubts 

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Replied by C L on 05-Nov-2014 14:55:46

it's not filled with pus it just seeps out a clear liquid every now and then as if in 4 months its not healing there is several holes in that area where it had opened up but I only got dark blood out of it but it smelled horrible . now in the lower right bottom of my belly its like a numb feeling unless I press vigorously then I feel pain from it and the areas surrounding it .
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