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I noticed a red rash around my anus. yesterday I looked in the mirror and there are at least two decent sized bumps inside the anus as well. Looking on the Internet it sounds like it could be hemmeroids or hpv. I'm on vacation in Europe right now so it won't be easy for me to see a doctor. I'm hoping that it's not hpv. I did have mouth to vaginal contact with a girl a few weeks ago, but the bumps are in my anus, not my mouth. Does hpv only appear where the skin to skin contact occurred? How can I tell the difference between hpv and hemmeroids? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Asked by M K on 15-Oct-2014 16:26:59

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  • Answered by Dr. on 16-Oct-2014 09:29:12


    It could be hemorrhoids which are vericosities of rectal veins. They appear as swelling and cause pain or discomfort. Sometimes there might be bleeding. Unless there is complication like bleeding they are controlled by lifestyle modification and diet control. Usually avoiding spicy food and constipation and good amount of bed rest relieves symptoms.

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Replied by M K on 17-Oct-2014 13:29:54

I definitely haven't had anal intercourse. I went to a Croatian doctor two days ago and she said it didn't look like hpv. She gave me some creams to use and they seem to be helping. Do you think I'm okay for sexual activity? I wouldn't want to spread anything if this was sexual related.
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